realityOne of the things responsible for failure in this industry is not setting realistic expectations for your prospects and new sign ups in your business.

If you go through the internet, you will stumble across crazy adverts with titles like:

  • Make 10,000 USD in 30 days!! -(Ok this is possible but not for the average person)
  • No sign up fee! No effort required! Our system builds everything for you!!! (My personal favourite…lol)
  • No Recruiting! No products! No calling of leads!

Now, when people are bombarded with all these sort of rubbish, then its no wonder they come into Network Marketing with very unrealistic expectations. And when most of them come face to face with the stark reality that:

  1. Network Marketing is challenging.
  2. You will be required to do massive personal development like read books, listen to CD’s etc.
  3. Develop skills like prospecting, lead generation and follow up, and closing.
  4. Grow yourself to be a leader.
  5. Train others to be leaders.

When the harsh realities hit them, they drop out of the business faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”. In fact, there is a saying that once a new rep survives the first 90 days, then that rep is likely to go long term in the business.

Watch the video below where I explain this further.

If you are a new rep just joining an MLM company, you need to prepare your mind, and set realistic expectations. This will help you guard against discouragement during the tough times. If you are growing a team, then you need to let each prospect coming in know that its not always going to be easy. If you do this, then you will build trust, and a team that’s likely to last for the long term.

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