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    One of my mentors and teachers, Brian Tracy, was in Nigeria over the weekend, and shared some success principles with us, and of course, I took notes! And I am going to share them with you.

    Brian has had an amazing impact in my life, and I’m glad to be able to share what I learned. And these principles can be applied to Network Marketing and any other industry or endeavor!

  1. Focus is the most important ingredient for success- The ability to turn off everything, and focus on one task till completion is one defining character, that according to Brian, is found in all successful people. If you apply this to Network Marketing, it means you are with just one company. It means when you are building your business, you switch of all other distractions. If you need to call prospects, you focus until it is done.

  3. Technology is a distraction, switch off. Technology can be an enabler, but lets face it, its a big distraction when we want to do important stuff. Example, you are trying to call your prospect and then someone sends you a facebook email. Its important to maintain focus at that time.

  5. Set priorities and focus on what gives you the highest results. – Most of us do not focus on tasks which give us the highest ranking results, and as such we accomplish little. Focus on high value activities for the highest results.

  7. All Success in Life comes from task completion– Ponder on this for a moment. A Goal is broken down into a series of tasks, and the ability to complete them excellently is success!

  9. Complete one task and the beginning of the day– This is the premise of Brian’s best selling book “Eat That Frog”. It says that if you wake up in the morning and complete the hardest task you can, then you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have completed the hardest task (eating the frog) for that day, and this will make your brain release a hormone called endorphins, and you will feel happy and accomplished the whole day, and of course set yourself up for success. Imagine if your frog was to call ten prospects that day and you did so, imagine how that would make you feel!

If you take any of these principles, especially focus and run with it, and apply it to your Network Marketing business, I am sure you will see spectacular results!

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