I was listening to a training by top earner Holton Buggs, and he made a very profound statement. “Amateurs start their business”, Professionals launch their business.”

If you look at those two words, “start” and “launch”, you will see that they evoke different images in your mind. Now, when you want to launch a rocket, then you need to apply a massive amount of force, or else, the rocket will not get off the ground, and break the gravitational forces holding it back. In the same way, you need a massive amount of force to launch your new MLM business off the ground, or it is likely to die off.

You need to infuse a sense of urgency into every new rep that you bring into the business. Make them understand that they need to begin taking MASSIVE action to launch their business.

  • Get them started IMMEDIATELY on making their contact list right away.
  • Get them started IMMEDIATELY on actively inviting people to company presentations on the telephone
  • Plug them into your team training IMMEDIATELY
  • IMMEDIATELY link them to the right books, CD’s that they need to consume in order to become rock solid in the business.

Massive action is a mindset, and a reflection of how badly they want that dream that brought them into Network Marketing. In fact, once your prospect has indicated that they want to do the business, let them know that there is going to be a lot of work involved, but its worth it.

Once you use an initial large amount of force to get the rocket off the ground, there comes a stage where the rocket begins to move by itself. You no longer need the same amount of force you needed to launch in the beginning. The same principle applies to your business. Once you take massive action in the beginning, the effects propel your business to a state where it begins to grow fast, without you putting in the same effort you did in the beginning.

Of course, to launch your business to greater heights during your MLM career, you will need to take massive action at specific periods of time, but the initial stage is the most important.

Go out there and take massive action to build your business.

Put as many eyes in front of your company presentation as fast as possible.

And watch your success manifest, and achieve your wildest dreams.

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