This is one of the most insightful trainings I have ever done. Confirmed. This will change someone’s belief in this business.

A lot of people fail in life and in this industry simply because they have deep subconscious beliefs and programming telling them that all rich people are bad, and that to be successful, you have to screw someone else over, and that poverty is good, and you have no right to abundance when people somewhere else are suffering.

So when they start a project, and some success begins to come their way, they self sabotage it subconsciously by doing something stupid. They manifest a flat tyre, pick a fight with their spouse, suddenly lose hope in the business, and sabotage themselves for them to stay at that level.

T Harv Ecker author of “Secrets of the millionaire mind” (if you have not read it, do read it) states that all of us have a money blue print. And the blue print is set to a particular level. For some, their blue print is set to earn 2000 dollars a month. Anything more than that, and self sabotage sets in. To increase the money and prosperity you are capable of attracting, you need to work on your inner money blue print, and mentality. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

Kody Bateman (CEO of an MLM company) and author of MLM BLUEPRINT (Available on Amazon) said in his book, that all of us have an MLM inner blue print. Some of us have a positive MLM blue print based on success stories we have seen and heard from others, based on some personal successful experiences in MLM, based on reading positive books on MLM, and deep belief in Network Marketing.

Some people however have a negative inner blue print on Network Marketing and the industry in general. They might have had some bad experiences, they might have been exposed to negative press from the media, they might just have been exposed to some people’s uneducated opinions about Network Marketing in general.

If someone with a negative mindset and blue print in Network Marketing comes into this industry, no matter how hard they try, they WILL FAIL. Because their inner beliefs and subconscious will sabotage them each and every time they try to succeed in Network Marketing. If you are reading this, and struggling in Network Marketing, you might just have a negative MLM blue print that needs to be reset for success in this industry.

How do you reset your MLM blueprint?

Beliefs and Association.


  • You need to believe in Network Marketing,as a viable business model. PERIOD. Build your beliefs by reading books like “Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki, and other empowering books on Network Marketing.
  • You need to believe in the Network Marketing company you are in. If you do not like your current company, find another one you love.
  • You need to love your company’s product, use it, and become a product of the product.


  • You need to associate with people that are successful in Network Marketing. Learn from them, hang around them. Read their books, listen to audio programs.
  • Cut off from people with negative beliefs about MLM or in general, or at least reduce the time you spend with them.. This goes without saying.
  • Hang around the right empowering environment. – Attend company events, online and off line. Create your own empowering environment at work, and at home by controlling what you hear, what you watch, and what you listen to.
  • Filter your beliefs. If someone tells you “Network Marketing is a scam”, or “Its a pyramid”. Don’t just swallow the belief. Question it. Do not just accept some random articles on the internet. If you type in anything in google, and add the word “scam”, you are going to get a result. This should tell you something.

I hope you got value from this, and that you’re going to work on setting your MLM blueprint to the highest level of success you can. Take control of your inner game, and take control of your MLM success!!

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