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Have you ever wondered why leaders get the following they have?  Have you every looked at leaders in your Network Marketing company, or maybe your favorite online guru, and wondered “how come they have so many people following them?”. If you have ever wondered, then you might get value from today’s video.

21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership: The Law Of Addition

Most of the leaders we admire and love to follow, practice this leadership law, which is the law of addition.  I came across the law of addition in John C Maxwells excellent book “21 Irrefutable laws Of Leadership”, and I was blown away as to how much this made sense. This law simply says leaders constantly seek ways of adding value to people. Period. Study any serious leader in Network Marketing or the online world, and you will notice they constantly keep putting out massive amounts of value into their marketplace. Doing that over and over builds a loyal following of people who take them serious and will follow them.

There are three major ways to practice the law of addition. Check out the video below to find out more.

How To Apply The Law Of Addition To Your Network Marketing Business

So, was this helpful?  Do you feel inspired to practice the law of addition, and add massive value to people around you? It might not be easy, but doing this consistently, will position you as a leader that people will look up to.

Check out my other videos based on the value I got from John C.  Maxwell’s “21 irrefutable laws of leadership”, and how to apply them specifically to your Network Marketing business.

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