In today’s training, I am going to discuss how people self sabotage their businesses, and the most common way people sabotage their businesses is by the words that they speak over their lives and businesses.

If you ask the average Network Marketer how business is, you will get a lot of responses, and most of them negative, ranging from:

  • “I can’t talk to people”
  • “This business is hard”
  • “No one wants to listen to me”

And so on and so forth. But what most people do not know is that when you speak such words, you are putting out negative energy, which will attract its equivalent back to you.

Some people say “I just want to tell it like it is”. Ray Higdon says “Telling it like it is, keeps it as it is”.

The more you keep whining, complaining, and talking about how bad things are, the more negative energy you put out, and that is what you will attract into your life and into your business.

In fact, it has been shown that we emit energy from our bodies, based on our thoughts, so If we are emitting negative energy, our prospects and people around us will feel it, and no one will join your business!

If you are going through tough times in your business, do not sabotage the business by affirming lack and limitation, rather affirm the results you want, and let your vision of a better you, and a better outcome be what pulls you to success.

A great way to adjust your energy is by writing affirmations. These are positive statements that affirm your goals as a reality.

Examples are:

  • I am attracting the right people into my business
  • I am a top earner in my Network Marketing company
  • I live in abundance


So go out there, create success, and use your words to build your business, and never affirm lack!

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