top MLM companies in NigeriaAre you searching for the list of the top MLM companies in Nigeria and MLM in Nigeria as it were?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Even though my content is geared towards an international audience, I am from Nigeria, and so am quite interested in MLM in Nigeria as a whole.

So this list is what I consider some of the best MLM companies In Nigeria and Network Marketing companies In Nigeria.

First of all, my personal definition of an MLM company in Nigeria is based on these set of particular criteria:

MLM Nigeria: Criteria For Choosing A Good Network Marketing Company.

  1. They have an actual physical product or tangible service i.e health and wellness, travel, etc
  2. The company has an actual physical office people can go and visit and see for themselves
  3. MUST have a presence in multiple states in Nigeria.
  4. They are approved by the American DSA (Direct Selling Association)
  5. There is a monthly reorder volume (auto-ships) which creates residual income for distributors.
  6. The company has been around for at least 4+ years and invested in infrastructure here in Nigeria.

Anything else for me is a pyramid scheme, where no physical product is moved from the manufacturer directly to end user.

There’s a lot of money games where people tell you that all you have is to pay 20 USD and you will earn 1,000,000 and you do not have to work.

I would stay away from such games if I were you.

Some have gotten involved at some point in time (either through ignorance or greed), and gotten burnt!

And this has given MLM in Nigeria a bad name, which should NOT be so!

More Resources On Pyramid Schemes and Legit MLM Companies In Nigeria

If you come across a network marketing company in Nigeria, check out the link below where I go deep into how to identify a pyramid scheme as against one of the top MLM in Nigeria.

Pyramid Schemes Vs Legitimate MLM

Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria

The list below consists of what I think  (in my personal opinion) are some of the best MLM companies in Nigeria in no particular order of ranking:

  1. Trevo LLC

Top mlm in nigeria- trevo nigeriaTREVO is an American MLM company, founded by Mark and Holli Stevens, and based in Oklahoma, USA.

TREVO has a powerful nutritional supplement which is made up of 174 ingredients.

They have a strong presence in Nigeria and are open in over 20 countries.

The compensation plan is solid, and if you like the idea of building a truly global business, then you should check out TREVO.

Further Reading about TREVO:

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2.Forever Living Products

top mlm in nigeria- forever living productsForever Living is one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria, and worldwide.

FLP was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan.

Forever living has a strong presence here in Nigeria, and their aloe based products cover a wide range of products from skin care to supplements, etc.

Click Here To Check the FLP website for more information

3.Organo Gold

top mlm in nigeria- organo gold

Organo Gold is responsible for producing MLM superstars like Holton Buggs, and David Imonitie.

Their product is basically healthy coffee.

The coffee contains Ganoderma which is a mushroom used in different herbal remedies.

They operate a binary structure for their payment plan and are one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

Interested in Organo gold?

Visit Their Website Here.

4. Alliance In Motion Global

top mlm in nigeria- aim global

This Philippines based company is fast becoming a favorite among many Nigerians.

They also operate a binary pay plan and are one of the top MLM companies  in Nigeria

Their products range from the popular C-247 to alkaline coffee.

Visit Aim Global’s website here for more information.

5. Oriflame

top mlm in nigeria- oriflame nigeria

This skincare and cosmetics giant is one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

Oriflame was founded in Sweden and is one of the older MLM companies out there.

It’s very affordable to get started, but like any other company, you are expected to buy products for retailing and personal use.

They have quality products from skincare to cosmetics, and also health and wellness.

More Oriflame Resources

Oriflame Nigeria MLM Review

The 10 Top Oriflame Products 

Oriflame Official Website

6. Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse-Nigeria-MLM Review

Jeunesse is an American MLM company, founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

The company has premium products which cover everything from anti-aging to health and wellness.

Their binary compensation plan is also solid and has attracted a lot of leaders in the USA.

Since they landed in Nigeria, they have established a presence as one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

If you’re looking for high-end products to promote, you can check out Jeunesse.

Check out My Jeunesse MLM Review Here

Jeunesse Official Website

7. Total Life Changes

top mlm companies in nigeria-TLC

Total life changes is an American company founded by Jack Fallon.

They are a health and wellness company, with a wide variety of supplements.

As of 2016, they were planning an expansion into Nigeria, but I am not sure about the current status.

If their expansion is done right, they will be really one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

Visit Total Life Changes Website If you’re interested in learning more.


top mlm companies in nigeria-gnld

Golden Neo-Life Diamite is one of the oldest and established MLM companies in Nigeria.

Not just Nigeria, but globally, I mean cmon…they are over 50 years old!

Their product range includes a whole LOT of nutritional supplements, home care products and personal care.

Visit Their Website to find out more about GNLD.

9. Tianshi/ Tiens

top mlm companies in nigeria-tiens-tianshi

Tiens is a strong Network Marketing company which has been around for a LONG time.

By Long, I’m talking about over 20 years.

They are in over 190 countries and are well established as a top MLM company in Nigeria

Tiens was even listed on the stock exchange (NASDAQ and AMEX).

Their products are Chinese medicinal products, calcium, and herbal coffee.

Like any other MLM company, Tiens provides a lot of commissions, bonuses, and incentives for those willing to work for it.

Visit Tiens Website For More Information

10. Rain International

top mlm companies in nigeria- rain international

Rain International was founded in 2009 and is now in over 21 countries

Their products are nutritional supplements made from seeds.

Rain International boasts a powerful compensation plan, and are definitely one of the top MLM companies in Nigeria to watch.

Visit Rain International’s Website For More Information

11. Phytoscience aka Crystal Cell


This MLM company in Nigeria has products which are based on stem cell research.

Their compensation plan looks solid and seems to also pay out the standard commissions and bonuses.

At some time, they rebranded to Crystal Cell.

For more information, view their website here.

12 Uno Premier

top mlm companies in nigeria-uno premier

This is another Philippines based MLM company in Nigeria.

They offer a unique binary compensation plan which allows hardworking distributors to earn bonuses and commissions.

Uno Premier offers a wide range of products from skin care to coffee and others.

For More Information, Check Out Uno Premiers Website

13. Tasly

top mlm companies in nigeria -tasly

Tasly is another Chinese MLM company in Nigeria, which deals in the production of traditional Chinese medicine.

They are listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and are in talks to go into a deal with MLM giant Herbalife.

You can check out more information on Tasly on their official website.

14 Greenlife

top mlm companies in nigeria- greenlife

Greenlife is one of the “affordable” MLM companies in Nigeria.

They deal in Chinese Medicine and began to use MLM as a marketing model in 1998.

They also offer mouth-watering bonuses to all their top achievers.

Click Here To Learn More About Greenlife

15 Greenworld

top mlm companies in nigeria-greenworld

Greenworld is another MLM company In Nigeria that promotes TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

They are also one of the affordable MLM companies in Nigeria, offering the standard bonuses to its members.

Visit the Greenworld Website Here

16. Qnet

top mlm in nigeria-qnet

QNet is an MLM giant with headquarters in Hong Kong.

They have very diverse products such as travel packages and holidays, health and wellness products, and even technology and wristwatches.

QNet has offices in 25 countries and is an MLM company in Nigeria with a strong presence.

You can visit QNets website here.

17. Federico Mahora (FM)

top mlm companies in Nigeria- FM

FM was founded in Poland in 2004.

The company deals mainly in perfumes and has a very simple compensation plan which pays them in 4 different ways, last I checked.

It’s a very good MLM company in Nigeria if you like perfumes and want to start a side business.

The company offers the normal standard bonuses, car awards and travel incentives common to most MLM companies in Nigeria.

View The FM Website Here.

18. Edmark

top mlm companies in nigeria-edmark

Edmark was established in 1984.

Edmark is one of the oldest MLM companies in Nigeria.

Their product line is basically health and wellness products, and Edmark is also one of the affordable MLM’s in Nigeria.

Their compensation plan, which pays in 9 different ways, rewards hardworking members for their efforts.

Visit The Edmark Website For More Information

19. Longrich

top mlm companies in nigeria - longrich

Longrich has been around for 30 years and counting.

They have a diverse array of products ranging from coffee to baby care and personal care products.

Their compensation plan pays well, and there is no monthly target.

Visit The LongRich Website For More Information Here.

20. A2W (Avenues To Wealth)

top mlm companies in nigeria- avenues to wealth

This is the only MLM company in Nigeria owned by a Nigerian, Adeolu Akinyemi.

A2W started out with a virtual product called the privilege pack which included travel discount portals and other deals.

They expanded into health and wellness with Ruzu Herbal bitters which has fast become a household name in Nigeria.

Their compensation plan was also enhanced to provide a better payout for members.

Visit The Avenues To Wealth Website Here

21. Kedi Care

top mlm companies in nigeria- Kedi

Kedi is a fairly old MLM company in Nigeria having spent 12 years in the country.

They are also a Chinese based company, and their products address different ailments.

Kedi also does not have a monthly target requirement and is quite affordable to get started.

The company also provides car awards and other bonuses to its top distributors.

Visit The Kedi Website For More Information

22. Syntek Global

top mlm companies in nigeria-syntek

This American based MLM company was founded in 2008 and has expanded worldwide.

Their product is a fuel additive which improves your cars fuel economy.

This MLM company In Nigeria has a strong compensation plan and shows signs of being around for the long term.

Check Out Syntek Globals Website For More Information

23. Royale Business Club

top mlm companies in nigeria-royale

This is a Philippines based company with a fine array of products from personal care to nutritional supplements and household items.

They operate a binary plan, like some of the other Network Marketing companies in Nigeria.

Also, they offer the standard bonuses and trips to their top distributors.

More Resources For Royal Business Club

Read My Royal Business Club Nigeria MLM Review

Visit Royale Business Clubs Official Website

24. Global Wealth Trade (GWT)

top mlm companies in nigeria-global wealth trade

This is a high-end MLM company founded by Top Networker, Ramin Mesgarlou in 2005.

The company headquarters are in Canada but have opened in other countries worldwide.

The compensation plan is quite lucrative, apparently paying out 75%.

GWT’s registration package might be considered high end by some Nigerians, but from all indications, this MLM company In Nigeria will yield high dividends to those willing to work.

Visit Global Wealth Trades Website Here

25. Healthy Life Ltd

top mlm companies in nigeria-healthy life


Healthy life is an Indian MLM company in Nigeria.

According to their website, they are out to give everyone a healthy lifestyle.

They have nutritional products from men and women’s health supplement to general health and wellness.

They have a simple compensation plan, and they apparently give out bonuses without delay.

Check Out Healthy Lifes Website For More Information.

26.  Swissgarde

top mlm companies in nigeria-swissgarde

Swissgarde was started in South Africa and is over 21 years old.

They have expanded into major countries in Africa, and have over 500,000 registered distributors.

Swissgarde boasts a wide range of products from skin care to nutrition.

Their marketing plan is also impressive, and it’s obvious that this MLM company in Nigeria will be around for quite a while.

For More Information, Visit Swissgardes website Here

27. Max International

top mlm companies in nigeria-max international

This MLM company in Nigeria has a nutritional product range based solely on glutathione.

Their compensation plan is Robust.

Members can earn based on retail sales, and earn team commissions and other bonuses when they recruit others into the business.

Visit Max Internationals Website Here

Conclusion: The Complete Guide To The Top MLM Companies In Nigeria

These are my thoughts on the top MLM companies in Nigeria.

It took me quite a while to compile this, and LOTS of research.

But these are the finest Network Marketing companies in Nigeria.

If you’re  looking for MLM opportunities, then you could take a look at any of these companies and see what you’re passionate about.

Attend their seminars, talk to their leaders, make your decision and then get to work.

To succeed in MLM in Nigeria or anywhere else, you need to put in the work, irrespective of which company you are in, as MLM is not a get rich quick scheme.

Do you agree or disagree with this list of the top MLM companies in Nigeria?

Share your opinions in the comments below, and feel free to like, and share this post if you got value!

If I left out your company on my list of top MLM companies in Nigeria, drop a polite comment, and I’d update the list.

To your MLM success!

PS: Would You Like To Know The #1  MLM Company I personally recommend?

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