Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

Would you like to see better results in your MLM prospecting and recruiting?  Imagine how you would feel if your recruiting drastically improved overnight, and you were bringing in more people and crushing it in your home based business.

Network Marketing Prospecting

Is something most people struggle with, but its the core skill in Network Marketing.  Master network marketing prospecting and you will have solved one of the major issues that might be standing in the way of your Network Marketing success.

I will be sharing two strong tips I learned from Ray Higdon recently concerning Network Marketing Prospecting in today’s post, and I am sure you’d get some value from them.

Two Major Network Marketing Prospecting Tips

Network Marketing Posture-

A major mistake most Network Marketers make is they give off this vibe of desperation, and so their prospects sense it and push them around.  Prospects do not honor appointments, treat them anyhow, and take away their power. Do not let this happen to you. Always maintain your power. I am always ready to disqualify prospects or take it away from them, especially when they get too aggressive. Maintain an abundance mindset. Ray Higdon says “There are more of them, and less of us”, so they need what we have.  Always remember that.

Talking Too Much-

Once you finally get someone who says “yes”, or “what is it”?  The temptation is to vomit all sorts of information onto the prospect. More often than not, this just scares them away. If they are interested, the best thing is to maintain your power, and calmly invite them to see a company tool, a presentation or a DVD, which will do all the talking for you.  In order words, “Say less to more people!”

Check out the video below where I talk more on Network Marketing prospecting.

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