objection handling in network marketing If you have been prospecting and recruiting people for a while, you  would have come across different objections in Network Marketing.

 Popular Network Marketing Objections

What if its a pyramid?”

“I don’t have the money.”

“How do I know the product works?”

“Some body wrote an article on the internet calling it a scam”

Now these objections throw off most people in Network Marketing, and so In todays training I am going to share some scripts which will help you with objection handling in Network Marketing.

My Caveat About Objection Handling In Network Marketing.

I will echo the words of my mentor, Ray Higdon, who said, focus more on posture, and less on objection handling in network marketing.  In my opinion, you should only be doing objection handling in Network Marketing if the prospect projects good energy, but maybe has some genuine reasons. If the prospect is nasty and negative, then you want to take it away, and not bother handling their objections. If you persist in trying to close a negative prospect, you might later regret having them in your team.

I believe if you watch the video below, you will be more skilled at objection handling in network marketing than most people out there.

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Two MLM Objection Handling Scripts

Did you watch the video? Did you get value from those two scripts I shared on objection handling in Network Marketing? Will you test it out? Start implementing this in your prospecting today, and feel free to share with your teammates.

To your MLM success!

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