Today’s post is about the power of vision. Vision, as defined by the dictionary, is the definitive state of being able to see. And this leads to the question….“What do you see?”

You are seeing something, whether you like it or not. You are either seeing yourself better than you are now, or you are seeing yourself in your current situation, getting worse. I have news for you. If you do not have a vision of you succeeding, or getting better, if you do not see your MLM business getting better, if you cannot see yourself, strolling across the stage, amidst the thundering applause from the audience as you get your pin rank….then it will not happen, and your business will get worse.

If you cannot see yourself, getting better, then things will get worse. You need to craft a vision. You need to see your life, and things around you changing for the better. You can use a notebook to write it down, if it will help. Ancient script says…”When there is no vision, the people perish, and cast of restraint”. If you do not have a vision, you will not do the actions and take the steps needed to take you to your vision. If you do not have a vision of you as a top earner, you will not step up and take the daily actions needed to take you there.

You will have days which will suck. You will have days when you won’t feel like calling prospects and leads. You will have days when you feel….”does MLM work”? and you will have days when you will want to quit. The only thing that will sustain you through the hard times is the vision you have crafted. Nothing else.

When you craft the vision, you need to be as specific as possible. one of my mentor’s Ray Higdon will ask ….”how bright are the lights on the stage”? You need to see it and live in it, and then speak according to your vision. A lot of people just whine about their current situation, and they say “Oh I’m just telling it as it is”, but telling it as it is, keeps it as it is. See the vision, and speak it out.

Watch the video below where I explain more about vision.

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