In today’s training, I am dealing with a very important question: “Who is giving you advice?”

The answer to this, can really help your business.

Now, before you answer this question, Lets consider this scenario:

You have a medical condition, and its very critical. Your mechanic brother-in-law, or your lawyer friend, give you advice. They tell you authoritatively that nothing is wrong with you, and that some local herbs, or some drug you have heard nothing about, is the solution. Now lets take it a step further. Because of your condition, you go visit a doctor who proceeds to prescribe some drugs. Your mechanic brother in law tells you that the drugs are crap, and that the doctor is a scammer.

Now, would you take your brother in laws advice?



Because he’s not qualified to give you advice.

If you would not take medical advice from someone who is not qualified, you would think that people would not take advice of any kind from someone who is not qualified.

But sadly, that is how most people treat their financial life. They make the horrendous mistake of taking financial advice from broke people. People who do not know what they are talking about. In Network Marketing, most people are listening and taking advice from people who are not qualified to give it.

When people come to Network Marketing, one of the challenges they face are family, friends, and well-meaning people saying things like “Its a scam!”, “No one ever makes money from these things!”, “Its a pyramid!”, and so many others. And most people, sadly listen to that advice, and allow their dreams to be stolen away.

Take financial advice from people who have achieved the success you want to achieve. Also, if the people around you are naysayers who are offering you discouraging advice, then I would suggest finding another set of people to hang around. It has been proven that you become the average of the people you spend time with. And if you are serious about financial freedom, you might end up having to change the people around you, else they will pull you down.

  • If you want success in MLM, find someone who has achieved the success you want, and study their secrets.

  • If you want financial independence find someone who has achieved it, and learn from them and take their advice.

Stop taking financial, business, and MLM advice from those who are not qualified to give it. Pay them no heed, and do not let anyone steal your dreams.

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