mlm-attraction-marketingSo one of my subscribers called me and asked me why I do not promote my primary Network Marketing company on my blog. I answered him, but I did a short video on my answer which I think you will get value from.

Why do Attraction Marketing?

Online, a lot of people are promoting their opportunities like never before. All you need to do is go into any major MLM group on Facebook and its a spamfest. More and more people are exposed to different messages, each encouraging them to buy, sell, or join something, so why should they consider you? Plus, the normal method of prospecting has this tendency to wear you out. You begin everyday at zero. Its better to have a stream of qualified prospects reaching out to you daily, who want to work with you. By qualified, I mean people who are already sold on Network Marketing and you do not have to beg, bug , chase and convince. Now I am not against normal prospecting (which some people call old school) and you can prospect using a more postured approach and not bug or beg anyone, but attracting qualified prospects to you via autopilot using attraction marketing is way more cooler.

Branding Yourself And Offering Value

I did an earlier post here about why you should personally brand yourself online. People will only be attracted to other people who offer them value, and who they see as leaders or experts. Because they feel that by associating with you, they will gain value. This principle is something you see in all walks of life. Now what do Network Marketers want most? Training. Education. Value. Especially in the areas of lead generation, prospecting and mindset. So you step up and solve their problem, and you automatically position yourself in their eyes as a leader, and an expert. Now guess who they are most likely to join, if they are searching for a new Network Marketing company? Hmmmm! Randy Gage says “when everyone is zigging, you want to be zagging”.So if everyone is just throwing out their company replicated links online (which almost never works, believe me I’ve tried), then I want to attract my prospects to me, by implementing mlm attraction marketing strategies.

Watch the video where I share my thoughts on why you should be doing mlm attraction marketing. And why I do not majorly promote my primary Network Marketing company on my blog, though Its there.

My MLM Attraction Marketing Disclaimer.

I see a lot of Online Network Marketers who like to bash the so called “old school” ways of prospecting. Most claim its about bugging and chasing friends and family, and they have a magical online system which will sort and do all the prospecting for them. Now I am not against attraction marketing, which is why I regularly post content, but attraction marketing, and learning online marketing has a steep learning curve, and if you are serious about this business, and want to change your life, you cannot keep sitting in front of your computer waiting for leads to come in. Plus, for someone just starting out their Network Marketing business, the most duplicable way in my opinion is to just do your name list, and go out and prospect, and master cold market prospecting. As your business grows, you can add online attraction marketing to the mix.

One of my mentors, Ray Higdon shares his story of how he simply went out and got 20 no’s a day, and prospected like a madman, while implementing his online methods, and now, since his marketing has taken off, he attracts leads daily and might not need to prospect as much, but it doesn’t mean he cannot prospect.  I reach out and prospect at least 10 people daily. In addition to blogging.  You cannot escape the personal development you get from reaching out to another human being, and prospecting, and learning how to handle rejection. Its one of the gifts our profession gives you.

So I hope you got value from this video on why you should be implementing attraction marketing. Comment, like or share if you got any value!

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