I know some of you might be offended by reading this post, but that’s fine. I am writing this and speaking like this to force and push you to play bigger in every part of your life, and not just in MLM.

I once read something that resonated with me. It was a quote that said “Between where you are and where you want to be, is the bullshit excuses you have fed your mind as to why you cannot make it“.

Excuses. A lot of us have made excuses for why we haven’t stepped up, why we haven’t read that book, why we haven’t started that business, why we haven’t made that call, and why we haven’t made that invitation.

In Network Marketing, I have come across the most crappy excuses the human mind has ever created. Let me list some of them.

  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • No one will want to buy the products
  • I’m not sure if this will work out
  • I don’t have time to talk to people about the business
  • The people in my circle don’t believe in Network Marketing

Funny thing is that for each excuse I have listed above, there have been people who have had it much worse, and instead, chose to go out and create success in spite of their handicap. I know of people who borrowed money, or sold stuff to simply start their MLM businesses. Its no surprise they are top earners.

What people fail to realize is that excuses keep you where you are. You cannot move forward in life and make excuses. Never. Excuses can make you feel good. Excuses can shut up the voice inside you that’s telling you you are more than your current situation, that you can close that prospect.

In Network Marketing, Network Marketers have excuses for not showing the opportunity to people! I call them SELFISH. Yes, if you have allowed your fears to be an excuse as to why you cant share the opportunity, then you are robbing tens of thousands of people of the help they need. YOU ARE SELFISH!! Please reread my last statement.

One of my mentors, at age 19, was living homeless, on drugs, and abandoned. She worked as a waitress. Then someone took a chance on her, and introduced her to Network Marketing. She built her business using a payphone, and delivered products from the back of her trunk. She became a millionaire by age 21. She has grown to mentor loads and loads of other Network Marketers, she has given loads of support to charity, and she hosts radio shows on how to get out of debt, amongst others.

What if her upline had allowed his own fears to stop him from sharing the opportunity with her? What if he had said…”She’s just 19, she’s just a waitress”? He would have robbed thousands of people of the help that would have come to them through this woman.

Your excuses are crap. Get rid of them. Don’t be selfish, and play as big as you can. Get out there and create greatness. Get out of your own way. You are destined to impact millions of lives. People are waiting for you. Step up, and play BIG!!

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