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Dealing with Network Marketing attrition Ever had people quit, and leave your business and have your bonus checks and sales volume crash?

Network Marketing attrition is when people leave your team for whatever reason. People leave, customers stop purchasing product and your sales volume drops.

Its that moment you log into your back office and you experience that sinking feeling in your belly because your sales volume is dropping faster than a sinking rock..

If you have ever experienced this, then pay close attention, as in todays post, I am going to share two major tips for dealing with Network Marketing attrition.

So grab a pen, and take some notes.

Network Marketing Attrition- Why People Leave

Contrary to what some haters about our profession might say, the fact that people leave MLM companies is not an indication that network marketing does not work, or that it is not a viable business model.  You will have to understand that life happens to us all, and people leave for whatever reason. Maybe deep down they were not suited to being an entrepreneur. Maybe they had a family crisis or life just happened.

Attrition also happens in the corporate world. People join a company, work for a year and leave.  How does the company handle that? Simple. Hiring/recruiting more people.

My Personal Experience With Network Marketing Attrition

I remember traveling to a major city to do an event for a team member of mine. She had brought in over 20 people into my team, in like 2 months, and I was seeing my sales volume rise, and I felt confident it was just a matter of time I would hit a particular rank.  So I spent a lot of my money, went to a city I never went to, and did an event. Then from there, I travelled to another city to help someone else launch their business.

My sales volume rose and I think I was like 700 points away from a rank, and I felt confident that I would rank the next month. Imagine my surprise when, the next month, I saw my sales volume fall by half, and began falling like a stone, till it was right there close to the bottom. After frantic calls to my leader, she gave the excuse that people were not “motivated” to do their monthly purchase and kept giving excuses, and she was also “discouraged”. My efforts to motivate her did not work, and she stopped picking my calls for a bit.  The other dude I went to help launch his business, never did anything at all. Never reordered apart from the first product in his distributor kit. 🙂

I had not choice but to dust myself off, and rebuild.

So check out today’s show, where I share two easy tips for dealing with Network Marketing Attrition.

Did you get value from this video? Did you see how having the right mindset and constantly being in recruiting mode can help you combat Network Marketing attrition?

More Resources On Network Marketing Attrition By Matt Morris

Matt Morris, is a top earner in MLM, and he has this to say about attrition:

1. You do not need EVERYBODY. Just the ones who stay. (click here to tweet this)

2. Not everyone will do Network Marketing. Not everyone is cut out for this. Understanding this will take care of most of your frustration.

3. The founders of Amway, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, enrolled 500 people. 495 quit. The remaining 5 went on to build the 10 billion USD empire that is Amway.

4. Embrace Attrition as a filtering success system, to separate the serious ones from the opportunists.

Check out his article on Network Marketing Attrition here.

If you got some value, do like, comment, and share with anyone who might be facing the same issue. Attrition might be hard when you have not built a large team, but with the right mindset, you’d be fine!

To Your Success!

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