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Facebook MLM Prospecting TipsWould you like to learn more about how to use Facebook to build your business and attract people to you on autopilot?  What would that mean for your business? I am sure it would be pretty awesome.

Facebook is a really powerful tool, and a lot of Network Marketers use it the wrong way.

The wrong way is spamming people with information about their  company and products that no one asked for, and posting their company links everywhere.  Doing things like this will make people tag you as unprofessional, and you wont attract quality people to you. In this post, I am going to share 5 Cool Facebook MLM prospecting tips, which I am sure can make you a Facebook Rockstar, and help you build your business better!

Why Should You Do Facebook MLM Prospecting?

I was on a webinar last Night with Terry Gremaux, a legend in social media marketing, and someone who has used Facebook to sponsor over 70 People into his primary MLM company.Facebook MLM Prospecting Tips

He shared some cool tips which I will also share with you all. Terry is also a protege of my mentor Ray Higdon, and has launched a cool product on Social Media Marketing, and I will share the link after this blog post.

So why do Facebook MLM Prospecting? Check out some cool facts about Facebook

  • Facebook has 1.3 billion users and growing
  • 48% login daily

So it makes perfect sense to use do Facebook MLM Prospecting. Its the perfect place to meet people, and you do not have to go out and physically hustle on the streets to meet people. You can do this at home, in your pyjamas, with your favorite music playing in the background.

5 Cool Facebook MLM Prospecting Tips

1. Facebook is not an ATM–

A lot of people treat Facebook like an ATM, posting their products and services and throwing them in peoples Faces and expecting them to buy.  People do not buy on Facebook! It is a social platform and its purpose is for you to meet people, build a relationship with them, THEN take it off Facebook, which brings me to my second Facebook MLM prospecting tip

2. Meet people and take it off FB–

When I connect with someone, maybe after I have messaged them introducing myself, etc, my goal is to get their phone numbers, call them, and take it OFFLINE, where they can met me and see my company presentation. If they are in another country, I could get their number, chat with them on whatsapp, or schedule a Skype call with them from Facebook.  Doing this is the more professional way, and allows them to take you seriously. Do you really think your prospect will have time to focus on you, with all the Facebook notifications they are getting?

3. Post Value and ask for interaction-

If you want to get more people reaching out to you, then follow this Facebook MLM prospecting tip and post value. Stop using your Facebook and social media accounts to whine about the government, or other negative stuff. People are attracted to people who inspire, so post value. And Post on purpose. You could write something like “I learned today that the most important way to thrive in this new economy is to start your own business. Comment and like if you agree”.

Did you see what I did? I asked for their interaction, and people will like, and comment, and then….

4. Engage with your likes and comments–

This Facebook MLM Prospecting Tip is Pure Gold.  When people like or comment on your posts, send them a private message thanking them for posting, and then you could start a conversation, asking them if they are currently doing any business, if they like it, and tell them to connect with you! I did this yesterday and got like 4 new friends this morning! Once you have started a conversation, you can steer it towards checking if they are open to opportunity, and showing them your company presentation.

5. Remember birthdays, so you can build more rapport-

This might seem like a small tip, but an important part of prospecting is building rapport. Human beings are sensitive about their birthdays, so send people on your friends list a PM on their birthdays as opposed to just posting on their wall. Then from there, you can begin a conversation then ease them into the process of showing them your company presentation.

So did you get value from my 5 Facebook MLM Prospecting Tips? Did you see how those tips could position you more professionally and attract people to you?  This is actually a way to implement attraction marketing. Drop a comment, like and share with your team if you got some major value.

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The discount window is expiring today I think, so hurry if you want it!

To your Abundance!

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