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MLM prospecting beliefsOne of the major keys to the Vault in Network Marketing is effective Prospecting. So I do a lot of research in that area. So, I was watching this prospecting video from the MLM mastermind featuring Ken Dunn and Orjan Saele on different prospecting beliefs. And it was so powerful, I just had to share what I learned. Enjoy! 

MLM Prospecting Beliefs

When prospecting people to join your business, most people do not realize that a lot of things are happening mentally. There’s an invisible interaction happening in the minds of the prospect and the mind of you, the recruiter, though you might not realize it yet. So in this blog post, we are going to look at five different core-prospecting beliefs, necessary for you being a top recruiter.

1. Belief in you the recruiter

When you are prospecting, the prospect is wondering if they can trust you,and if they believe in you. I learnt something a long time ago in MLM, which is that people do not join companies, they join people. People buy into you before they are even open to hearing the message of your company. Once you understand this, and are aware, then you can put in more energy into conveying the fact that you are a person of value and that your prospect will benefit from being on your team.

2. Belief in your company

Even if the prospect believes in you, then you need to sell them on belief in your company. This is when your belief and your posture in your company and products must be strong. If you do not believe in your company, then how do you expect others to believe? You need to communicate your passion for your company and why it could be the best fit for them.

3.Belief in Your product

This for me is a no brainer. The MLM profession is filled with a lot of people who do not use their products, but promote them and somehow expect to build a team of product users. If you do not use your product then it’s a sign you’re not passionate about the products, and you do not believe in what you’re promoting. If you have this kind of mindset, your prospect will pick up on these signals subconsciously and you might end up losing them. At best, you might end up attracting people with that get rich quick mindset. And you will not build a long term passive flow. Use your products, and be passionate about them. If you aren’t passionate about your products, then find products you can use and believe in. Your belief in your product will at the worst case get the prospect to be a customer.

4.Belief in the Network Marketing Profession

Most people need to be sold the belief in Network Marketing. MLM is actually one of the most misunderstood professions in the world, and you cannot really blame people for being skeptical especially with the increase in the pyramid scams, money cycler games, the so called “online” business opportunities, and their likes. As Eric Worre said In “Go Pro”, you have to adopt the mindset of a consultant. Your job is to educate and share information. Once people get the right information about what Network Marketing entails, then most of their mental blocks vanish, and they begin to see an opportunity.

5.Belief in themselves

The last belief, which you have to sell to only serious prospects, is belief in themselves. Belief that they can do it. Belief that they will not be alone in this journey and that you will be there to support them every step of the way. Note that I Said this is for serious prospects. If the prospect is unserious then selling them on themselves is just a waste of time, as they are most likely not going to do anything.
When most prospects see a presentation, the question they will ask themselves on a subconscious level is “can I do this”? And you need to address this, even if they do not raise this objection, and let them see its just about following a simple duplicable system, and that they can be successes in Network Marketing if they just believe.
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I hope you got value from this, and that this will go a long way towards your mindset when you are prospecting.

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