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5 Network Marketing LiesTodays post might be a bit controversial, but Its fine with me. As someone who is very passionate about our profession, its so annoying when I come across all sorts of misconceptions about Network Marketing.  Especially stuff that most uplines who are uninformed might be telling you.

All these misconceptions and wrong ideas about Network Marketing and MLM are actually doing more bad than good.

So in todays video I will be talking about 5 Network Marketing Lies your upline and a lot of other people might be telling you. Now, this is not just limited to uplines, but a lot of guys trying to recruit on Facebook groups and other online platforms.

This is one of my very serious posts, and I am sure that you will end up getting some value out of this.

The 5 Best Network Marketing Lies

1.Its Very Simple-

Network Marketing is not simple. Its a lot of hard work, and personal development. This is one of the best network marketing lies I see out there. You will have to face your fears, and learn how to lead yourself past obstacles before leading others. Its not simple, but its worth it at the end.

2.You Can Become A Millionaire In 3 Months-

If you go into some Network Marketing groups on Facebook, especially the spam filled ones, filled with people pitching everything and throwing no value at all, you will see people touting one of the best network marketing lies, claiming they have a magic system which can make you a millionaire in months. Now, if you are not a millionaire in your habits, your thoughts, and your actions, then there is no system that will do that for you.

Being a millionaire in Network marketing means you are a leader, and you are adding massive value to your team, recruiting new reps like a rockstar, and have mastered the skills, so do not fall for this Network Marketing lie. Now, some MLM rockstars have become millionaires in 3 months or  a short time after joining their primary company, but those results are not typical, and I talk about that in the video.

3.I will Help You Build Your Business-

Network Marketing success involves YOU taking personal responsibility for your own business. I have come across people who feel that as their upline, my job is to go out, prospect, and then put people in their own downline. That is something I never do, as it does not encourage leadership. I once lost a prospect who was about to sign up, simply because I told her I wasn’t putting people in her team. She ended up going with someone who made her that promise.  That is another big network marketing lie, and you need to realize if you want the big money and recognition, its all in your hands. If its to be, its up to you, and not your upline.

4.You Do Not Have To Sell, Recruit, Or Do Anything-

I am very amused that people fall for one of the best Network Marketing lies, which is you do not have to do anything, and you will still make money.  How on earth  would you  believe that you will succeed in ANY venture, including network marketing without doing anything? Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, and for your information, any program that calls itself a Network Marketing opportunity, where you do not have to recruit, sell, or do anything, is probably a pyramid scheme. I talk more about that in the video below.

5. All You Need is 5 People (or 2 people)-

I have met people who were sold on the Network Marketing lie that all they needed to do is to sponsor two people, or five people, and all they had to do was sit down and the millions would come rolling in. If it was that easy, everyone would do it. Network Marketing is a numbers game, and its a known fact that you would have to sponsor at least 20 people before you find one heavy hitter who is serious about changing their future.

So check out today’s video where I share more on the 5 Network Marketing Lies.

I’m sure I ruffled a lot of feathers with this video, but I am really passionate about the Network Marketing profession and how it transforms peoples lives, and since I want to educate as many as possible, I had to cut this video.

So I hope you got some value from this video on the 5 of the best Network Marketing lies your upline or other people are probably telling you. I would love to have your feedback, so drop a comment below, like and share and heres to you becoming a Network Marketing professional!

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