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Jobs in Nigeria- 5 reasons to stop looking for jobs in nigeria.Are you currently looking for jobs in Nigeria?  Are you someone that is seriously looking to be employed?

If so, I understand. I have been in this position before.  A couple of years back, I relocated to Nigeria from Europe and I was hunting for jobs desperately.

I was on every job site from jobberman, to ngcareers and so on and so forth…and I eventually got a job..

But after a couple of years changing jobs I decided the job market was not for me.

I decided I was tired of begging my boss before going on a leave that was rightfully mine…

I was tired of the office politics and the back stabbing..

And most of all I was tired of doing 4 HOURS a day minimum in Lagos traffic.  There had to be a better way, and I Found it.

I left paid employment in 2014, and now this is 2016 and to the outside world things are looking worse economically.

So if you are looking for jobs in Nigeria, I’d advise you to stop, and have a quick rethink….

Here Are 5 Reasons To Stop Looking At Jobs In Nigeria.

1. Jobs in Nigeria have become scarce

And even then, they offer no guarantees of financial security. I open the papers and I read stories of Bank A sacking 1000 workers.  Imagine having a family to support, having to pay school fees and you get terminated without any plan B. Some workplaces will terminate you without any notice at all!

2. Most Jobs In Nigeria Are Not Well Paying-  

I know some of you will want to scream, but its true.

The well paying jobs in Nigeria are mostly gotten by nepotism and only by having connections, and yes, its not in all cases, but in most. Have you tried getting into oil companies or the big telecoms companies in Nigeria? Its not childs play!

Most jobs will not pay you up to 200k as a fresh graduate. With all my years of experience as an IT project manager, working back to back, I was earning like only 300k per month! Compare that to the cost of living in Nigeria, (apartment, NEPA bills, fuel, etc) and you will see thats not enough.

3. The economy has changed-

The Nigerian economy has gone through a lot of shifts. The Naira to dollar ratio is changing and experts are saying theres a recession in Nigeria. Companies that were affected by new economic policies on foreign exchange are now closing down! So if you are set on jobs in Nigeria, you had better factor this in!

4. Most Jobs In Nigeria Take You Away From Your Family-

When I was working, I was doing 4 hours of traffic a day. It got to a point my little nephews used to ask where I was because they couldn’t see me.  Most kids in schools are just dumped there by their parents, because both parents are too busy hustling day in day out to have time for the kids. If you value family time with your kids and want to see them growing up, you might need to think about this.

5. Mental And Physical Exhaustion-

I was doing 4 hours traffic everyday. Some people leave their houses 5 am in the morning, and come back 10pm at Night and do this day in, day out. Combine that with lack of proper nutrition and exercise, and you have a health time bomb on your hands. I was overweight as a result of this lifestyle and I read stories of people who collapsed and died as a result of this kind of stress.

Most times the money you will get paid is just a pittance. So ask yourself…is it worth the price going to work under someone else?

6. (BONUS) – You Are Trading Time For MONEY!

If you fall sick or you die (God forbid) the money stops coming.  Lets face it, you cannot work forever. So you need a vehicle that can give you leverage, such that if you stop working or you are sick, the money keeps coming!


cashflow jobs in nigeria

Whats The Solution?

If you have found a good job in Nigeria and you love it, GREAT! Rock on! I am simply stating the other side. Some of you reading this might say…“yes but Ade, you gotta work under someone and start from there”.

To that I say…“I agree with you!”   This post is not to paint all jobs in Nigeria or in general as bad.

How can I??

There are a lot of hard working men and women who are working to feed their families and I respect that.

But I would recommend a solution given by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (Go and read this book NOW if you have not)

Start a side business while keeping your day job….OR

Start a business and Stop looking for jobs in Nigeria completely!

How Do You Start A Side Business? Here Are 4 steps..

  1. Find your passion and learn to build a business around it.
  2. Learn a skill like make up artistry, bead making, catering, and learn to build a business around it.
  3. Learn information marketing, and how to sell online
  4. Join A Network Marketing Company like this one here with a product you do not have to create, excellent support and a marketing system. You will learn business and entrepreneurial skills as well as the opportunity to earn passive income.

So my dear friend who is searching on google for jobs in is my final advice..

Join a Network Marketing company, and learn how to be an entrepreneur. Build the MLM business till you are doing 200-500k Naira monthly and THEN put the money into another business you might be passionate about.

You can also do this while keeping your day job, and when your income from the Network Marketing business surpasses your salary, then you can quit!

If you want to get started in network marketing in Nigeria, do the following:

  1. Click This Link For More Information On THE Network Marketing Business That sustained me when I was working a full time job..

2.  THEN send me an email at [email protected] with the subject “I want to join your team” and I’d respond immediately.

Don’t depend on the Nigerian Government for a job, or waste time blaming the government.

Take action, and seize your destiny!

See you around!


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