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Hello readers. Today, I am continuing with my series 5 reasons people fail in MLM. The first reason I discussed was that people do not take the business seriously, and didn’t take it as a profession.

The second reason is lack of patience, and handling the business with a lottery mentality.

Lets face it, a lot of people come into Network Marketing with a get rich quick mindset. Probably they attended a business opportunity presentation where some guy stood up to give a testimonial about how he qualified for some crazy bonus in three months. While that is possible, that is not the case for everyone. Our business is a bit like farming. We sow seeds, cultivate them, water them, and then we wait for the harvest, then we harvest.

The sowing process involves getting prospects. Sharing the opportunity with people. Due to the law of averages, you might have to present your business to 10 people before you find one or two serious people willing to work with you. It is a well known fact in farming that during the process of sowing, some seeds might not germinate, some might be taken off by pests, etc. When this happens, do you hear the farmer whining, or calling farming a scam? Goodness, no! He puts his effort into sowing more seeds, because he knows that the more seeds he sows, the more his chances of a good harvest increases. The farmer doesn’t sow some random seed expecting a “lucky break”. He has a systematic plan for sowing, fertilizing (building your team and training them), watering (encouragement and motivation, and being there for your team) and then, the harvest will come. Some of your team members might not get it immediately, but they might wake up 6 months down the line and surprise you. Hence, the need for patience, and diligence.

I heard one of the top leaders in my current company talk about how he did not see any results the first six months after he joined the business. I did not see anything happening in the first 2 months of joining the business. The numbers vary for everyone, and it is life’s way of testing you, to see if you really, really, deserve the success you say you want. If you do not have a long term perspective that says…”I am in this for the long haul”, you will crash out faster than you can imagine. Without long term perspective and the professional mindset, you will not have the ability to persevere during the long haul, and as such, you will fail.

Approach your business with a farmers mindset, like a professional. If you are sowing the seeds of presenting your opportunity and you aren’t getting the results you need…do not whine or give up….sow more seeds! Fertilize, water, and cultivate your team…abandon the lottery mindset and work with the law of averages, and you will not fail in this wonderful business of ours!

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