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7 Millionaire Mindset books you need to readIf you’re in business, or in Network Marketing especially, then you have to realize that your number 1 asset is your mindset.

Your mindset is how you see things, and your own perception of reality.

There is a difference between a millionaire mindset and a poverty mindset.

The main difference between winners and losers is their mindset.

So in todays post, I will just touch on 7 millionaire mindset books you need to be reading or have read if you are a serious student of success!

7 Millionaire Mindset Books

1.Think And Grow Rich– This is the ultimate success mindset book out there, apart from the Bible (for me). Written by Napoleon Hill, there are loads of millionaires and successful people who have attributed their success to reading this book. If you haven’t read it, click the link above and buy it NOW! Hill was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie (the richest man at that time) to study the secrets of successful people, and write it in a book.

2.Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind– Written by T Harv Ecker.  This is also a classic bestseller.  T Harv Ecker was seriously broke, but after studying success principles and applying them, was able to become a millionaire himself. This book talks a lot on the difference between a poverty mindset and a prosperity mindset, and goes into self limiting beliefs which can prevent you from being successful. A must read, if you ask me!

3. Why You’re Dumb Sick And Broke and How To Get Smart, Healthy And Rich–  Written by one of my MLM mentors, Randy Gage.  Randy has studied prosperity consciousness to a “T”. In this book, Randy goes deep into self limiting beliefs, and the origins of lack and scarcity programming, and now goes on to teach how to build more empowering beliefs. You won’t be the same after reading this!

4. The Magic Of Thinking Big– Written by Dr David Schwartz, this is a classic book. Apparently, MLM legend Dexter Yaeger (#1 income earner in MLM worldwide) read this book, and this got him started on his path to success.  This book has a simple message. Think positively towards yourself, and think bigger.

A great takeaway  quoteI got from this book  is “Capacity is a state of mind. If you believe you can handle bigger projects then you can” (Click To Tweet)

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Written By Robert Kiyosaki, this is for me the best selling financial education book of all time. Robert Kiyosaki brings it home and teaches how the rich view money, and how to take charge of your financial future. I cannot stress how important is it for you to read this!

6. You Were Born Rich By Bob Proctor – Bob Proctor needs no introduction, as he has been around the self help industry for years, learning from the stables of Nightingale-Conant.  In this book, Bob teaches we were actually born rich, and are actually living in a sea of abundance, and gives steps for coming in harmony with the abundance around us.

7. The Science Of Getting Rich– By Wallace Wattles.  I was introduced to this book in 2005, and it blew my mind away. This book was the inspiration for “The Secret”. In this book, the author gives a step by step guide on how to create and visualize your end goals, and key into the law of attraction. Some great concepts this book teaches include gratitude. Definitely a must read!

So these are my 7 millionaire mindset books I think everyone inside of Network Marketing or even being a general entrepreneur needs to read. If you got value, do like, comment and share with your team!

To your success!

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