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MLM In Nigeria- 7 Things To ConsiderI get a lot of emails from people who ask me about different MLM companies In Nigeria, or if company A is good, or if I have heard of company B, etc.

I realized that a lot of people do not understand the things to look out for when joining an MLM in Nigeria, and its this ignorance of some basic things that have led to some people having bad experiences in the Network Marketing industry.

So before you join an MLM in Nigeria, I would like to ask you to check out these basic criteria, which I think can help you in your decision, and I am sure you will get some serious value!

Before I dive into criteria for selecting a network marketing business in Nigeria, check this out..

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7 Things To Consider Before Joining Any MLM In Nigeria

1.Does the company have tangible products or services they are moving?

Network Marketing is about moving tangible products or services from the manufacturer, directly to the end users.  Commissions are paid to distributors out of company sales. So if you want to join an MLM in Nigeria and they are not moving tangible products, think again. Many MLMs in Nigeria who claim their products are digital are just thinly disguised pyramid schemes.

If you don’t like product based MLM company’s because you “hate” selling, then maybe you should get a job. Because it means you hate the person who sells you rice, and other foodstuffs, and have you ever met a millionaire or billionaire who hated selling?

The company should have a monthly reorder system (Autoship) as this drives your residual income. If there is no repeat business, there is no residual income for you. I have had people whine about having to reorder products monthly and I am wondering…you give money to other people monthly to make them rich in the form of bills, recharge cards, DSTV etc, but you’re whining over reordering for a system that can make you rich???

Check out this article where I talked about how to spot pyramid schemes as against legit MLMs.

2.How long has the company being in existence?

Most startup MLMs fail within their first year. So I’d advise choosing one that’s been around for at least 4-5 years and above. Theres a lot of temptation to be part of a “ground floor deal”, and yes there is the odd exception that the ground floor deal might actually last…but its not so likely.  So if the company is just starting…you might want to take a closer look. Being the first to join an MLM in Nigeria doesn’t translate into you making all the money.

3. Have they made serious investments in Nigeria?

By investments, I am talking In terms of offices, shipping, etc? Do they have an actual office you can go and channel your complaints to, if you have issues? You can see a company that is determined to be around long term, by the level of investments they make in the country they are in.  Do they have an effective shipping system for bringing in their products?

4. Do they provide training and support for you to build your business?

Most Network Marketing companies have cutting edge training systems they give to their distributors to help them be successful in their businesses. Robert Kiyosaki advises joining an MLM company, just because of the education and training you will get, and not necessarily about the money. So if the company is not providing top notch training, you might need to take another look.

5. Are they a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) or at least processing a membership?

The DSA regulates all serious MLM companies based out of the USA. They make sure that most MLM companies adhere to a code of ethics and conduct, and make sure that all products and compensation plans are scrutinized so they conform to standards. Any company that has DSA membership or is processing one is serious. If not, then you might want to reconsider.

Check out the DSA website here!

6. Who are the management? Do they have a history of integrity?

This is very important if you want to join any MLM in Nigeria. The management of the company determines where the company will go to. If the management have a history of integrity and the company fulfills all their promises, then you know you can build on a rock solid foundation. If not, then its just a matter of time the company crumbles and all your hard work with it. So look and choose wisely!

7.  Community

How is the company community like? Do the leaders there actually want you to succeed?  Would you feel comfortable in their environment? Remember you will be there for quite a time if you will be building your business, so you need to be sure you can function in the company community. Attend their trainings, speak to the leaders, and go with your feelings.

I hope you got value from these 7 things to consider before joining an MLM in Nigeria. IF you did, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone you know who might be thinking of joining a network marketing business in Nigeria.

To your success!

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