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One of the reasons people do not succeed in this business called Network Marketing is that they are not coachable. The word coachable means that you are an individual with an open mind who is open to receiving advice and input.

Thing is this. It has been proven that one of the best ways to succeed is modelling other people’s success. In Network Marketing this means getting around top earners in your company, or hanging with your upline, and following their advice and blueprint.

It seriously baffles me how someone can join a Network Marketing company from outside, and not bother learning the rules of the business, but play according to their own rules, and somehow feel that they will succeed.

Its wiser to shave years off your learning curve, by following the roadmap for success.

Some people would rather be right than rich. So, instead of being humble enough to follow a working system, they try to do it from scratch, and recreate the wheel.

When such people fail, which they will, they might turn around and declare the business does not work.

I enrolled a new guy into the business, and after taking out time and explaining the system, the resulting conversation went thus:

New Rep: “Oh I have some people who can’t come for a seminar, but I can take their money, register them, and promise them a return”.
Me: “If someone can’t come to a seminar, then they might not be ready to do the business. Also, everyone who joins is an independent business owner and is required to do the WORK. Its not a pyramid scheme where you take peoples money, and promise them a return without doing anything.”

Suffice to say, I have not heard anything more from this new rep. He had his own ideas of how to do the business, even after I got my upline, a top earner in our company to explain the business system to him.

Anyone who is not coachable will not succeed in Network Marketing. Period..

Others have gone ahead of you and succeeded. Learn from them, and model their success.

Let go of your pride, embrace humility and make the money.

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