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Ray Higdon, is like my current mentor, and someone I credit with tying together attraction marketing, and traditional prospecting methods for me. He’s of the opinion that both need to be balanced, and that makes a lot of sense.

I enrolled in his TESS (Top Earner Success School) this year, and my consciousness has shifted. One thing I know. If you do not invest in yourself, then get ready to stay where you are, because theres only so far you can go with your normal internal and personal knowledge.

We have been learning a lot of cool stuff, and one of the lessons we learned is about creating leads through blogging. Blogging in my opinion, and a lot of others, is one of the best ways to create and share content, and also position yourself as an expert, and as such attract leads to you who see you as a leader. Most of the top earners, and leaders in MLM have a blog or a website of some sort. Its also a cool way to brand yourself.

Three tips I learned from Ray Higdon on blogging are:

  1. Have an autoresponder on your site with a giveaway. If you are just starting out, you can use getresponse, or aweber, both have cool packages. An autoresponder comes with a webform which allows you to capture emails of your leads, and also send them an automated email with whatever giveaway you might have.
    A giveaway is an item of value you give to leads for free, for visiting your site. It could be an audio, or a free report, like in my own case, I have a free pdf called “5 ways to recruit more reps into your MLM”. When people opt in to my list, they get that free courtesy of my autoresponder which I have set up earner. I use get response.
  2. Create a banner for your blog, and make sure it has your picture. Its all about branding and image. Once people land on your blog, seeing your face on the banner creates a connection with them, and they might stay longer. Not doing this could give the impression theres no human being behind the blog.
  3. Some people struggle with two obstacles. “Why would people listen to me?” and the desire to be perfect. For the first one, I learned from Ray, that people will not care about your credibility as long as you are solving their problems! For me, that was a major paradigm shift. So ignore that obstacle, and just go out and solve a problem. And as regards the desire to be perfect, version 1.0 is infinitely better than version 0.0. Having stuff out there is better than having none at all. Stop letting your desire for perfection hold you back from taking action!!

Check out the video where I go into some more detail.

Blogging is an awesome way to put out more value to people out there and brand yourself. I hope you will take action! Did you get value from the video, and from this post? Do share on facebook, twitter, or leave me a comment, and lets show the world that MLM rocks!

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