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On the journey of success, one of the most overlooked ingredients is persistence.

This subject has been flogged and over flogged, but I just had to do a post on it.

You see, without persistence, anything you try to do, will fail.

  • Marriage
  • Writing a book
  • Starting that business
  • Losing weight
  • Rising to a top rank in your network marketing company.

We live in a society which gives us permission to not stick to something. Its very easy to divorce these days. Its very easy to quit. In fact, quitting is the easiest thing to do when challenges come.

Staying the course however is hard, which is why champions are so rare. Most guys we celebrate as champions today were simply people who hung in there when the going was tough and decided not to quit. “Big shots are just little shots, who kept shooting”-Unknown

The challenges we face are to help us grow, and to forge our character. When you go through the fires of adversity, you come out refined, stronger, better. It takes a strong character to succeed. “Persistence is to the character of man, what carbon is to steel”Napoleon Hill.

In MLM, you will be tempted to quit, and to give up, especially as initially, things might not work the way you want. Your new distributors might quit, some will not duplicate, and at times you will wonder if its worth it.

I promise you my friend, that it is worth it. If you keep persisting, life will suddenly go….”oh what the hell…he/she will never give up, so give them what they want!” We don’t know exactly at which point this will happen, but success comes after long periods of persistence.

Watch the video below when I explain a bit more about persistence.

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