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As you all know, its the Easter season, and a lot of us are on Holidays. But the fact that you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that your business building has to stop. As a matter of fact, this is the best time to meet more people!

I went out today to the mall to get some headphones. The manager was really nice and sharp, and I ended up getting his card, after I told him “You’re a very sharp person. Are you open to business that might not interfere with what you are currently doing”? He replied in the affirmative, and now, I have a new prospect to follow up with to invite to a live presentation.

I also went phone shopping with my girlfriend, and the salesgirl was really sharp, and was smiling and all that, and I asked for her number (to prospect of course…lol), but my girlfriend beat me to it, and took it first. So I had to prospect the sales-guy. So I got two leads today, just by going about my normal business, and having fun, plus, I got to physically train a new recruit I had prospected online.

So here are some tips for prospecting during these holidays.

  • Go out. Leave your house, get up from behind the computer and Facebook. Go have some fun.
  • Go out of your way to be friendly to strangers. Smile, introduce yourself, make conversation.
  • You could go into a shop and do some window shopping, and chat up the sales people. If they are friendly enough, you could get their details and follow up on them.

Thing is, we are going to meet people almost everyday, except you are living in a cave. The important thing is to have a higher level of awareness, connect with them, and get their business card, and contact details and follow up with them!

There are a lot of people waiting for you to bring them a solution….so do not let your fear stop you from being a blessing! Play big!

Happy Easter!!

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