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getting-started-Network-MarketingHave you ever sponsored a new rep into your business and where confused about how to get them started? Maybe you are reading this and you remember how hard it was for you getting started in Network Marketing?

If so, then watch today’s video where I share some simple tips on how to get started in your MLM or Network Marketing business.

How To Get Started In MLM

Here are a couple of tips for you to get started in your Network Marketing business:

First clarify your goals and your vision.

Whats your vision for getting started in Network Marketing? Who do you want to become? What do you want to achieve? Your vision in this business will pull you through all the pain, frustration and obstacles you will face on your journey.

Your Name List:

Contrary to most internet marketing gurus who will try to convince you that this is “old school”, in getting started in Network Marketing, you need to write your list of friends, family and contacts, and reach out to them. Do not prejudge. Your name list is your business plan, and as you get better at this profession, you will be meeting new people and adding them to your list.

Learn how to Invite-

Invitation is the key to the vault in Network Marketing. Once your list is done, you will need to constantly be inviting people to see your company presentation, DVD, website, live business seminar, etc. Remember that the more eyeballs you get on your company presentation, the more people you will recruit. This is one key point you need to learn, getting started in Network Marketing.

Set your expectation. Network Marketing is a long term gig. Have that mindset when getting started, and do not come in expecting quick and easy money.  Work hard and commit to learning the skills and staying long term. Jumping from company to company will not help you either. Find a good company, stay with it, and work your butt off.

Hope you got some value from the tips?

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And The Long Term Mindset

Finally check out the video below where I share how to get started in your Network Marketing business.

Did you get value from the video?  If so, do comment, like, and feel free to share with your team mates, especially those who are just about getting started in Network Marketing.


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