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Ever wondered why you might not have hit your goals for the year yet?Goal Setting- Why You Might Not Have Hit Your Goals.

I know I have, I have been there. I know what its like to set goals, and make new year resolutions and half way through the year…

You’re wondering….ok…so what happened?

This is the month of July, the 7th month of 2016, more than half way through 2016 and I woke up and felt inspired to do this video..

If you are frustrated with your goal setting efforts, then I am sure you will get value from this!

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Goal Setting- On Why You Might Not Yet Have Hit Your Goals In 2016.

I woke up this morning and I’m like…”wow…2016 is half gone”. And I began to think of those people who did a lot of goal setting, and why they might not yet have hit their results, so I decided to do this quick post.

If your goal setting exercise hasn’t seemed to work for you so far, here are 3 reasons why it might be so:

1. Not Been Persistent Enough–  Thing is when you do your goal setting and begin working to hit them, you are going to meet obstacles and some setbacks. Sometimes things might not go the way you want. Most people give up easily and are not persistent enough when they hit obstacles and give up too soon, and so they don’t hit their goals. Persistence is the name of the game if you wanna hit your goals.

Watch this video where I share two more reasons you have not hit your goals. One of them is from Ray Higdon’s Goals Webinar early 2016 this year. You want to watch this!

Did you watch the video? And did you see why your goal setting efforts might have failed? So make the necessary adjustments and fire on ahead! If you got value from this video, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone who might benefit!

To your goal setting success!


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