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Hi All,

Invitation is one of the key skills to learn in Network Marketing. One of my mentors would say “Your success in Network Marketing is predicated on how many eyeballs you can get in front of a presentation”.

So if you cannot get people to just take a look at your opportunity, your business is toast.

Watch the video below as I explain the best way to invite people to view your seminar, website, or opportunity meeting. And it doesnt involve you vomiting information all over your prospect, as most people do.

Did you get value from the video? I hope it now makes sense. “Say less to more people”. You want to be very efficient with your time when prospecting, as you don’t have time to answer every single question posed by every prospect (who might not be serious about joining your business). Doing it this way, separates the serious ones from the time wasters, and tyre kickers.

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