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How Fear Keeps You From MLM SuccessIn todays post I am going to be talking about something that holds people back from experiencing MLM success, and that is fear.

If you have been struggling with deep rooted feelings of fear, that has been holding you back from experiencing the success that you deserve, then you are going to like todays post.  Because I go hard, and describe how I feel about people who let fear keep them back from MLM Success

Fears Keeping Most People From Network Marketing Success

Fear Of Rejection-

As human beings, we all have an innate desire to have everyone like us or approve of us. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you will have to let go of the desire to be liked. Most people cannot, and as such when they experience rejection, they take it personal and let it hold them back from MLM success

Fear Of Success-

This might sound a bit strange, but its true. Most people’s desire to be liked is so strong that they begin to think thoughts like “if I succeed, my family and friends will not like me” or “People will say I have changed”, etc. And because of that, they subconsciously sabotage themselves on the way to success.  They might manifest a flat tyre, or an excuse or bad behavior the night before a major event which will sabotage their opportunity and keep them where they are.

Fear Of MLM Prospecting-

After experiencing one or two rejections, or recruiting a bunch of people who do not do anything, it is easy to subconsciously attach pain to the process of MLM prospecting, inviting, recruiting, etc.  You might be thinking, “whats the point? If I recruit this person, he/she might not do anything”.  Then you notice you stop prospecting, making the calls or doing the activities, and your business begins to die, keeping you from Network Marketing Success.

So if you are serious about MLM success, check out today’s video where I go further into why you should NEVER let fear keep you back from MLM success!

Did you watch the video? Or did you gloss over it and begin whining over your data plan? If you did, that is some self sabotage right there! Go back and watch the video!

If you did watch it, did you see how fear can be holding you back from MLM success?  So whats your plan? Are you going to selfishly allow fear to stop you, or are you going to go out and create MLM success?

If you got value, do like, comment and share with your teammates! Now go take action and create the success you deserve!

To your success!

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