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Jeunesse-Nigeria-MLM Review One of the hottest MLM companies hitting Nigeria and Africa as a whole is Jeunesse global. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet about Jeunesse Nigeria, and their  expansion into Africa, and their advances in anti-aging and stem cell research. I am sure  a lot Nigerians in MLM would have their questions, so I decided to just do a quick    review on the Jeunesse Nigeria MLM opportunity, the Jeunesse Nigeria products, and      their compensation plan.  If you are wondering if Jeunesse is a scam? No it is not.

 Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company in anyway, shape or form,  and this Jeunesse Nigeria review or Jeunesse global review contains my personal opinions.

In this Jeunesse Nigeria review, I will review the company, products, and the Jeunesse Nigeria compensation plan.

 About the company (culled from the company website)

Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray, CEO; Wendy Lewis, COO and they operate from their global head office in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA. The company’s product range is currently centred around personal skin care anti-aging products and also nutrition products which they distribute to over 85 countries around the globe, using a MLM business model to distribute their product through over 4 million independent distributors. Jeunesse Global has certainly grown quickly since its inception and it now has total annual sales revenues of $420M which places them in the top 50 biggest MLM companies in the world. They have also qualified to be a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and they abide by their code of ethics. In June 2013 they won Direct Selling Association’s ETHOS Rising Star Award which is a prestigious accolade that recognizes successful direct selling companies that have dedicated themselves to achieving high standards of excellence in their business performance.Jeunesse combines breakthrough sciences in a product system that enhances youth by working at the cellular level. By focusing on the health, longevity, and renewal of cells, Jeunesse Global helps people enjoy vibrant, youthful results that last.

Jeunesse recently acquired a top company, Monavie-Mynt with over 4 million distributors, so this is a company that plans to be around for quite a while and seems to know where they are going.


As stated above, Jeunesse Nigeria and Jeunesse global have good products geared toward anti aging, and making the body look and feel younger.   This Jeunesse Nigeria review will  discuss their products in detail. Their products span the following:

Personal Care:


This product line basically spans the cellular rejuvenation. From serums to creams which can be applied to your skin at night to make the skin look younger.  The  Jeunesse price in Nigeria and global range from  44 USD around 8,757 Naira (Youth restoring cleanser) to 134.95 USD around 27,000 Naira (cellular rejuvenation serum) .

Based on product feedback, the product appears to show serious results after use. You can see the before and after from the picture below.

Luminisence Jeunesse Nigeria

Jeunesse Luminesce Nigeria


Jeunesse Nigeria has a range of nutritional products from the Zen Bodi  which is a shake for weight loss and workouts,

AM/PM essentials which are supplements to delay  symptoms of premature aging, and also  AM Essentials™ contains energy-boosting nutrients that regulate mental clarity and focus. The PM Essentials™ formula balances and relaxes the body for a restful sleep (culled from company website) This is in the form of caplets.

RESERVE– Is an anti oxidant that helps repair the body from free radical damage, more like other supplements. while FITNI protects your DNA.   You can see Jeunesse Nigeria’s impressive product lineup below:

jeunesse-nigeria-products review

Here is a very interesting video demonstrating the effectiveness of one of their products, instantly ageless:

I am sure some of you are screaming: Yes, yes their products are good and make me feel young! SHOW ME THE MONEY!! So lets look at the compensation plan, which is how you get paid in Jeunesse Global, and of course Jeunesse Nigeria.

Compensation Plan

Jeunesse has 6 ways  to earn money.

  1. Retail Sales– Where distributors can purchase products at distributor price and retail for profit.
  2. First order bonus – Distributors earn from 25 USD to 250 USD for each customer they enroll on any of the starter packages.
  3. Team Commission – Distributors need to do 100 Points of volume to qualify for this, plus enroll two distributors who do 100 Points of volume each. And then when one team does 300 points and the other does 600 points, then you earn team bonuses of 35 USD, which is close to 7,000 Naira.
  4. Leadership Matching Bonus –You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions earned by your personally enrolled team. You can earn this bonus on up to seven levels of your team in each line of sponsorship
  5. Customer Acquisition Incentive- Enroll 5 personal customers on autoship to qualify to earn 5% of team earnings. If you do the same for 10 personal customers you earn 10%. These commissions are on your level 1. But if any of your customers sponsors someone in their first month, they count as distributors, and they will not count towards your qualifying customers.
  6. Diamond Bonus Pool – Jeunesse shares 3% of their global sales amongst qualifying distributors.

Plus the incentives of Travel, etc which are found in any decent solid company.  You can download a compensation plan sheet here and delve more.


Jeunesse Global and Jeunesse Nigeria is a solid and very powerful MLM company, and with solid products.

However, my own personal misgivings are:

In Nigeria, Anti-Aging is basically reserved for a certain class of people. So the products could be seen as too exclusive, and not cutting across social strata. I would prefer a product which moves fast, and which most people would want. i.e consumables. Most of the Nigerian Demographic might not be slanted towards anti-aging.

They use a binary plan, which for me is a no no. Balancing points on two legs is a pain, and you always get paid on the weaker leg in a binary plan.

The first orders bonuses…well for me are a bit tiny. For instance, if I bring in someone into Jeunesse on a basic registration package, I earn 25 dollars commission, and I can earn up to $250 on the highest package. I would prefer a higher fast start bonus to ginger my new reps.

The qualifications for the team commissions to me are a bit too complex. I have to be active with 100 Points in volume,plus enroll two distributors who do 100 Points of volume each. And then when one team does 300 points and the other does 600 points, then you earn team bonuses of 35 USD, which is close to 7,000 Naira.  The qualifications for the Jeunesse team volume mean that if I do not have two distributors doing 100 points on my left and right, I do not get my bonuses.

The Diamond Bonus pool for Jeunesse global and Jeunesse Nigeria is a good idea. They share 3% amongst qualifying distributors. 2% is shared by africans and is called African founders club. And is shared every quarter.

One thing I like is the customer acquisition bonus. This allows you to build a business based on distributors and customers, so since the company sells to customers also, regulators cannot classify this as a pyramid scheme.

Jeunesse is an excellent company, with good solid products, and excellent for anyone who wants to get into the anti aging market. For me, the compensation plan is way too complex, and the doubts I shared above would make me give this opportunity a pass over.  But if anti-aging is your thing, and you have passion for the products, by all means fire ahead. I am interested in trying the anti-aging products, so if you’re a Jeunesse Nigeria distributor reading this, abeg, hook your guy up.

PS: I am not attacking the company, I follow the company top earners on social media. And I am just sharing my opinion. Any hate mail or comments will simply go automatically into spam. 

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