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mlm-leadership-skills-my-elc-leadership-notesA long time ago, I read a quote from Mike Dillards “Magnetic Sponsoring” book, and he said something so profound, it literally shifted my mind sideways…

“If you want to make big money inside of Network Marketing you need to become a leader”

Since then, I have been obsessed with taking my MLM leadership skills to the next level, and increasing the value of my personal brand.

In today’s post, I will share some takeaways from a leadership conference I recently attended and I am sure you’d get mega value!

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MLM Leadership Skills- My Notes From ELC 2016.

ELC stands for Excellence In Leadership Conference, and its a leadership conference organized by a leading leadership expert in Nigeria, Sam Adeyemi.

Its a gathering of some of the finest leaders from business, media, religion etc, all talking about how to maximize influence in their fields.

This years theme was about “Maximizing Your Influence” and if you’re in MLM and willing to 10x your brand, you are always going to be searching for ideas about maximizing influence.

So here are some of my major takeaways, which can be applied to your business, as MLM leadership skills:

1.  A leader is someone who adds value:  –

For me, this was one my biggest takeaways.

One of the biggest skills you will learn is you need to add value.

Leaders in all fields of life, including Network Marketing, add value.

We do that in our niche by consistently sharing content daily, via blog posts, videos, etc that solve a problem in our marketplace.

If you are not adding value, then you’re no leader, no matter if you’ve hit the highest ranks in your company. (Click To Tweet)

Watch the Facebook Live Video where I share some more MLM leadership skills I got from ELC 2016.

Did you watch the video?

What did you think of the MLM leadership skills?  Which was your major takeaway?

Let me know in the comments below.

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