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MLM Recruiting- 3 Tips To recruit more In todays post, I share MLM recruiting tips which will help you close more people into your business.

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MLM Recruiting: 3 Tips To Recruiting More Reps

Most of us inside of Network Marketing want to recruit more people, and who wouldn’t? Lets face it, the more you recruit, the more your chances of being a top earner in your company.

So here are some more tips to help you recruit better:

1.  Be Very Choosy-

I was at my company exclusive leadership event with my CEO, and he mentioned that the reason some of the leaders were not growing in their business was they were not choosy enough. Being choosy means being selective about who to recruit into your business. A lot of people spend time begging, and convincing people into their business, and those guys end up not doing anything and making you frustrated. Being choosy and selective will save you a lot of effort in the long term.

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