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Les Brown needs no introduction.  He is one of the most sought after mMLM Success Tips- Les Brown stepping into your greatnessotivational speakers alive today.  He has this ability to speak directly to the greatness inside you and bypass the doubts and fears your mind can throw at you.

In my MLM company training, we watched a training video called “Step Into Your Greatness”.  To say I got value is an understatement.  So of course I took notes, and I am going to be sharing the MLM success tips I got from this training, and I am sure you will get value.

The principles he discussed can be applied to any field, including Network Marketing. So get ready to take some notes!

Some MLM Success Tips From Les Brown.

Raise The Bar On Yourself– Commit to playing bigger and setting higher goals that will scare you and make you stretch yourself.  Most people fail because they set the bar too low and hit it. If you set low goals in your MLM business, you will not achieve anything much.

Forget About How– If you raise the bar on yourself and commit to playing bigger, your mind will question you and ask you how, and most people get stuck there. One of the MLM success tips I got from this training is do not listen to your mind. If you set a goal to be a top earner, don’t ask how it will happen. Its none of your business. Focus on being committed to your goal, and the HOW will show up.

Stop Focusing on what You don’t have-  A powerful quote I got from this, is:

“Its not what you don’t have. Its what you think you need, that keeps you from being successful” (Click To Tweet)

Stop thinking you need to have things in place before you can succeed.  Most times these are just a way of self sabotage. Go ahead and do it.

Want more MLM success tips from the Les Brown Training? Watch the video below.

Did you get value from those MLM success tips? If you did, do like comment and share. Which one of those principles resonated with you?  What are you gonna implement?

Now go out and release the greatness in you!

To your MLM Success!

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