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MLM Tips-4 Excuses Keeping You BrokeIf you have ever looked at your income in Network Marketing and asked yourself “why am I broke”? Well you might get some value from todays post.

A lot of us wonder what is keeping us broke and wonder why it is that we have not hit the next level of goals and income we have set.

When I interact with a lot of people in the process of prospecting and building my business, I have come across four major excuses that can keep any body broke inside of life and network marketing.

These are major MLM tips which can shift your business and income if you take them serious, so grab a pen and some notes and lets do this!

Why Most People Are Broke.

The number 1 reason I have discovered most people are broke, especially inside of Network Marketing is because they have a lot of excuses.

They justify where they are, and when you try to call them out, they typically respond with “Yeah well, that’s easy for you to say, you don’t understand what I am going through”.

One of my mentors Ray Higdon would say “Telling it as it is, keeps it as it is” (Click To Tweet).

The more you justify being broke, not hitting the next rank, etc, the more you will stay there. If you want to change where you are in your Network Marketing career, one the major MLM tips I can share is to stop justifying where you are!

So check out this video where I share about 4 major excuses keeping people broke.

VIDEO: MLM TIPS – 4 Excuses Keeping You Broke Inside Of Network Marketing.

Did you watch this video? If you didn’t, then pause and watch it again. Which one of these excuses are you using, and what are you going to do about it? If you got value from todays MLM tips, do like, comment and share with your team!

To your success!

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