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MLM Tips-6 things to teach new leadersIn todays MLM tips, I am going to be sharing 6 things you should personally teach your new leaders inside your business.

If you have been struggling with what exactly to teach your new leaders inside of your network marketing business, I am sure you will find todays tips useful.

Feel free to share with anyone who you think might benefit.

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MLM Tips- 6  Things To Teach Your New Leaders

Lets face it. If you don’t identify and train your leaders in your business, your business will not go very far. So I attended a company training where these tips were shared, and I decided to as usual, share them with you. So lets begin!

1. Personal Responsibility

Every leader has got to learn personal responsibility inside their business. They have to learn how to take charge of their business, and see it as their own, and not their uplines.  You need to teach them that it is their business, although you will stand by them, but ultimately, their success or failure is up to them.

2. Integrity

You got to teach them integrity. No lying, no enrolling your team members prospects behind their backs, no collecting money from them and stealing it. You have to model and teach them integrity. Teach them not to exaggerate income claims and not make exaggerated medical claims about the product.

3. Your company product

Teach them to go study up on the company product. They will need to understand the different packages, and how to sign up people. They will also need to understand the company product. If its a health and wellness company, they need to understand their product certifications, components and give powerful testimonials.

4. Your company compensation plan

Your leaders need to understand how to make money with your companies compensation plan and how to leverage it effectively.

5. How To Present

Every great leader inside of Network Marketing knows how to present. You need to teach your new leaders how to present your companies product and compensation plan effectively and move people to join your opportunity.

6 How To Manage Crisis.

Crisis is something that you will encounter in your MLM career. Sometimes your company might not ship products on time. Sometimes your company might crash and you will need to encourage your team. Sometimes, a top leader in your organization might take off and try to take your entire downline with them. Teach your new leaders how to manage crisis and to stay on top of their game, and provide leadership no matter the situation.

If you got value from todays MLM tips, feel free to leave a comment, and like and share with anyone who you think might benefit.

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