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MLM Tips-How To Handle Lack Of Motivation So you joined a Network Marketing company after hearing a powerful  presentation, and hearing testimonies of how ordinary people like you  were earning six figures.  You were excited, you got on board, and  began to run with it.

But somewhere down the line, maybe you got  tired, discouraged, or you felt that things are not working. The reality  began to hit you. You were not getting sign ups, or maybe your upline left  (like mine did).

If you are in this situation, don’t sweat it. It has happened to a lot of  people and they overcame it. In today’s post, I am going to share some  MLM tips to help with your lack of motivation.

MLM Tips For Dealing With Your Lack Of Motivation


Remember why you started. Remember what made you sign that registration form. Thing is, if you do not have a vision, you will quit at the first sign of adversity. Your vision is who you want to become, both in life and in your business. And that vision is what will pull you to prospect, blog, or do what you need to do to make it happen.  You need to have a strong “why” or reason why you are doing Network Marketing or you will quit. This is the one of the strongest MLM tips for mindset I can offer.

Consider The Alternative-

Instead of asking yourself “What if I quit?“, ask yourself, “whats the alternative?” Most people who quit Network Marketing do so because they have alternatives. They have a job which pays them enough not to quit, or a family member who can bail them out. If you really wanted to change something in your life, and you had no alternatives, then quitting will not be an option. So one of the most powerful mlm tips I can give to handle your lack of motivation is to ask yourself, “whats the alternative?” is it going back to that job you hate? Is it going back to not being able to pay your bills, or your child’s school fees? Or is it not spending time with family?

So check out this video where I share some MLM tips on handling your lack of motivation.

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To your success!

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