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mlm exhibition 2016 adebusoyeSo I got invited as a speaker for the MLM Exhibition 2016 In Port Harcourt Nigeria.

Apparently the convener of the event had been seeing my work online and had been reading my blog, and flew me on an all expense paid trip to deliver value to the MLM community in Port Harcourt.

It just goes to show that  if you are consistent in what you are doing, and you do not give up, people will begin to recognize your work.

At the conference, I spoke on becoming a millionaire MLM leader, and in todays MLM tips, I am going to be sharing some of what I shared at the MLM Exhibition conference, and I am sure you will get some super value.

Becoming A Millionaire MLM Leader: My MLM Tips From The MLM Exhibition 2016.

1. Basically if you want to have success inside of Network Marketing, you will have to become a leader.  Period.

People are attracted to people who convey value and show value.

I asked the audience this question “Did you ever go prospect someone and the person told you they weren’t interested, only for you to find out your prospect joined someone else?”

A few in the audience raised their hands.  And I let them know that their prospect probably did not join them because they probably didn’t think the person prospecting them was a leader.

2.  Personal Leadership Is very important also as you must lead yourself before you can lead others.

If you do not believe in yourself, and lead yourself through adversity, people will never follow you!

So you have to work on leading yourself, and becoming a person of high value so your prospects will feel they can get value from you.

If you got value form these MLM tips I shared at the MLM exhibition conference, feel free to like, comment and share.  In the next blog post I will share 3 major MLM Success keys I shared at the MLM exhibition also.

To your success!

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