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ViralContentBuzz ReviewIn my online MLM journey, one of the problems I had to solve when putting out content was how do I get people to read my stuff?  How to I get myself out there?

In other words, how do I get traffic? And how do I get influencers on social media to see my stuff?

If you are a blogger, and you want more leads, and backlinks and authority, then you must answer this question!

In todays post, I am going to be sharing how I came across a very unique and powerful tool called ViralContentBuzz (Now ViralContentBee) which helped me get more traffic, shares and engagements on social media.  So check out my very own viralcontentbuzz review, and I am sure you will consider checking it out after you read this!

Update: ViralContentBuzz is now known as ViralContentBee, so I would use them interchangeably in this review.

What Is ViralContent Bee?

Let me begin my viralcontent buzz review by answering the obvious question. What is viralcontent buzz (VCB)?

Its an online social sharing and syndication site which allows people with a large social media following (who are also on VCB) to find and share your content.  So if I am on VCB and I have 5000 twitter followers, and I share your content, that means my 5000 followers could see it and also retweet and get you more engagements and more traffic. BOOM!

How Does It Work?

Viralcontent buzz has a credit system.  You need to accumulate credits for you to be eligible to share your content.  The VCB platform has a free membership and a paid membership.  For the free membership, I get credits for sharing and I can earn free credits by sharing blog posts promoting VCB on their dashboard.  Now, when someone shares my content, the credits are deducted from my existing balance, and your blog post stops being visible when your credits are zero.

So you just need to create a free user account, set up your social media channels as VCB only allows accounts with a strong social media following, and then post the URL you want to promote, add some credits and its done!

If you don’t have credits, you can earn free credits by either sharing other content, or upgrading to the paid plans.

Viralcontent bee review: The paid plans

They have two main paid plans, the honey bee marketer plan of 19.95 monthly where you have 200 credits automatically allocated to you each month. This is the plan I am on currently.  The busy bee content marketer plan is 49.95 USD a month and gets you 500 free credits. For more differences between the two plans, check out the image below

Viralcontent buzz review: Pricing Plans and features.

Viralcontentbuzz review -Pricing plan

I recently upgraded from free membership to paid membership and you can see my traffic stats below:

viralcontentbuzz review -my traffic stats

My traffic stats jumped from Jan 8th when I upgraded to the honey bee marketer plan with 200 credits, and got me a lot of social media engagements, especially on twitter.


If you’re looking for a cool way to get more social media engagements and traffic to your blog, I suggest viralcontentBuzz(Bee). There’s no malware, or spam, and they have very high quality guidelines.  I have had serious results using it, and theres no reason you won’t too! Check them out here!

If you got value from my viralcontentbee review, do drop a comment, and feel free to like, and share it with anyone who you feel this might help!

Featured Picture Credit: ViralContentBuzz

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