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Network Marketing Team Building-3 Qualities Of A Strong TeamWould you love to know how to build a strong team in your Network Marketing business?  I am sure you do, or you probably won’t be on this page at all.

I recently attended a team building course organized by Dale Carnegie Nigeria, and I took some major notes which can be applied to team building…I also went to network on purpose but thats another story….hehe..

So grab a pen and paper and I will share some of my takeaways on building a strong team, and how it applies to network marketing team building!

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Network Marketing Team Building- 3 Qualities Of A Strong Team

These qualities have cut across all teams that have accomplished anything in life. We were asked to select our favorite teams, and mine was the apollo 11 team that put the first man on the moon, so here are the qualities of a strong team, which can be applied to network marketing team building:

1.Cooperation– Every team member has to be cooperative. With their uplines and with each other. Cooperation is simply coming together to achieve a common goal and make a vision work.

If your team is not cooperative, and everyone is doing their own thing, it will affect your business. I’ve heard cases of when an upline wants the team to contribute for transport to an event, or to book a venue, and no one wants to. Things like that can kill the spirit of the team, and eventually kill the business.  A cooperative team is a winning team.

For the other qualities of a strong team, watch the video below.

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