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Network Marketing Tips- How To Recruit More RepsDo you struggle with your Network Marketing recruiting efforts?

How does it feel for you, when you attend your company event and then you see the top recruiters stride across the stage, basking in the applause of the audience, and its not you?

A major area most Network Marketers struggle with is in getting more signups. So In todays Network Marketing tips, I outline a sure fire way to recruit more reps, so if you are struggling in this area, these tips will help you!

How Not To Recruit More People

Most Network Marketers act very needy and desperate when interacting with prospects. I don’t blame them, because I used to be in that position. Problem is that the prospects sense the needy energy, and back away fast, and in most cases you can lose them.

If you want to recruit more reps, one of todays Network Marketing tips I will share is you need to be the one managing the energy between you and your prospect.

Wanna know what I mean?  Watch this video below where I talk more on how to manage your prospects energy and get more signups.

Did you get value from these Network Marketing tips?  Can you now see how managing the energy and being postured can get you more signups, and hence, a bigger commission check?

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