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network-marketing-tips-why-you-should-dump-your-new-year-resolutionsSo this is my first post sharing Network Marketing Tips for the new year 2017 and I am pretty stoked!

In today’s post, I am going to be sharing some of my thoughts about New year resolutions and the effects on your business.

I am sure you are going to get some super value!

So, as usual, grab a pen and paper, and lets go!

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Why New Year Resolutions Suck

When its a new year, a lot of home business owners, and MLM people go and set new year resolutions for their business.

Its not a bad thing in itself, but here is the shocking truth

“Studies have shown that around 80% of new year resolutions are abandoned before the end of January”

Meaning those “resolutions” were just made on the surface, and were not deep enough to inspire any change.

And as such, most of these people NEVER succeed in their home based businesses.

So here are some Network Marketing Tips To Help You

1. Decide to change from your core…from the inside of you.

A lot of folks are carrying over old mindsets, and old habit patterns into the new year, and somehow expect magic to happen in their businesses.

If you don’t change the 2016 thinking and mindset, then that is what you will attract into your life and business this new year!

Watch this video where I share some pro tips you can use to change your business this year 2017!

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