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Network Marketing Tips- How Not To Market Your MLM BusinessIn todays network marketing tips, I’d be sharing on how not to market your MLM business.

As an industry, we need to raise our vibration higher, because how you project yourself is probably how people will judge our industry.

Its time Network marketers stand up, and act like true professionals and let people see us as such.

So in today’s post, I will be sharing some tips on how not to market, based on an ugly experience I had some days back.

And I’m sure you’d get value!

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Network Marketing Tips- How Not To Market Your MLM Business

1. Don’t Spam

Spamming is taking your message where its not wanted, and its vomiting your business over every tom dick and harry.

I see a lot of people who just enter some random groups online and post their business ads, or even worse, spam peoples Facebook ads.

Read the group rules first if you are marketing on Facebook groups

If the rules allow you to post anyhow, then fine. But if the group has rules, then respect them.

Don’t throw your message around except someone raises their hands and asks for information.

Oh, and for heavens sake…

Learn how to run your own Facebook ads, and stop spamming peoples adverts. It makes the rest of us look bad.

2. Don’t Market Based On Hype And Lies

A real MLM business is built based on skill and leadership, not hype and lies.

I did a controversial post some times back where I listed  4 best MLM companies In Nigeria for 2017. 

Next thing some reps of that same company began spreading lies on whatsapp that despite my being in my own wellness company, I rated theirs as number 1, and put mine as number 4, and therefore..they are the best! Join them now! 

They even had screenshots of my blog post and were using it as a prospecting tool, coupled with the lie that I apparently rated their company #1 to the detriment of mine.

This was a serious lie, and could have put my 5 year brand and my business in trouble, and so I had to do a Facebook live addressing our industry and killing those rumors.

Anyways watch the video to learn more.

Warning: I was angry, so if you are sensitive…don’t watch it.

Did you watch the video?

And can you see why the hype and lies need to stop?

Like Eric Worre would say “The truth is good enough”

Learn how to market the right way. Buy books, pay for coaching and courses.

If you got value, feel free to like, comment and share with anyone who will benefit!

And by the way, I edited the original list and replaced the offending company based on some feedback.

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