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Network Marketing Tips- How To Handle Negative ProspectsIf you’re inside of Network Marketing and building a business, you must have come across a lot of Negative prospects.  You know, the prospects who are nasty, and who give you a hard time.

Now, theres the faulty perception that we have to beg and convince everyone, including negative prospects to join our business. So in todays Network Marketing tips, I am going to share how to handle negative prospects.  The ones who are rude to you, and ask the annoying questions like “is it a scam”, or “its a pyramid”, etc.

You Don’t Need Everybody!

One thing I quickly learned is that I do not need everyone in my business.  The beauty of Network Marketing is that you get to choose who you work with.  Would you like a negative person in your business?  Think hard about this.

So check out my video showing my network marketing tips on how to handle negative prospects.

Did you get value from this video?  And did you get clarity on how to handle negative prospects?

Do not and I repeat do not let any one take your power.  You don’t need everyone in your business, so don’t waste time with the negative ones!

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To your success!

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