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Network Marketing Tips- Overcoming Phone FearAre YOU afraid to pick up the phone to call your prospects?

Do you struggle with the self limiting belief of “I don’t know what to say?”

The fact is that most Network Marketers struggle with those feelings and are scared of picking up the phone to call a prospect, or invite to see a business presentation.

If you are struggling with phone fear, todays Network Marketing tips should greatly help you.

Network Marketing Tips: You Need The Phone

“You can do this business online or offline. I just don’t think you can do this business without the phone”Ray Higdon (Click To Tweet This)

You cannot escape using the phone if you are serious about building a Network Marketing business, either online or offline.

I do both online and offline and I have to get on the phone with my leads, and qualify them, and invite them to see my business presentation.

So here are 4 simple tips to help you overcome phone fear:

1.Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

–   Just pick up the phone and start calling.  You can create a simple script you can use. Be willing to make mistakes and fail forward. Just push through the fear and pick up the phone.

2.Do not try to close everyone

–  This is a major mindset hack and one of the best Network Marketing tips I can give you on this. Recognize the fact that not everyone is a fit for your business. Focus on their problems and seeing if you can help them or not.

3.Do not be afraid to take it away-

When I am on the phone with my leads, I want to quicken my speed of disqualification.  If my prospect isnt sounding energetic, or does not remember who I am, or is telling me they are too “busy” I can say something like “You know what, this is my number.  If anything changes, do call me”, and then I hang up. I’m always the first to hang up…lol

4.Do not spend too much time on the phone.

5 minutes maximum is what I do. I start with a hello, then I introduce myself and tell them where I got their contacts, then I ease into trying to find out why they are looking at a home based business, and if It goes well, I invite them to a local business meeting or send them a video. I do not spend time entertaining questions and if the prospect is too pushy or aggressive or tries to take control, I invoke step 3.

SO these are some of my Network Marketing tips on overcoming the fear of the phone.  Did you get value from this?

Just remember that this fear might be standing between you and the perfect life you want. (Click to tweet)

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