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network-marketing-training-3-silly-excuses-holding-you-back-from-mlm-successI woke up this morning inspired to write about this in today’s Network Marketing Training.

I looked at my career inside of Network Marketing and I can tell you I have met all kinds of people. I have met the ones who talked a big game and vanished after a while, and I have seen people who stuck with it until they succeeded.

When I thought about the people who had dropped out of my business, and other people who said they “tried” Network Marketing and failed, I noticed they all had one thing in common..


In today’s Network Marketing Training, I am going to be sharing 3 silly excuses holding you back from MLM success, and I am sure you will get value!

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Network Marketing Training- 3 Silly Excuses Holding You Back

Before I start, I just want to say…”you can either make money or make excuses, but you cannot make both”. So here are 3 silly excuses most people use to hold themselves back from MLM success.

1. I cannot sell- 

I hear this a lot of times, from people and its really annoying. One thing you need to realize is that you sell everyday. Most of you just don’t get paid for it.  You sold your boss on you before you got that job, and you sold your wife or husband on you before you got married.  When you recommend a good movie to someone, Its a form of selling.  Selling is a skill that ANYONE can learn if they put their mind to it. So if you say you cannot sell, you are just lazy.

2. I don’t know who to talk to- 

This is another excuse born of mental laziness. I read somewhere that by age 25 the average human being knows at least 200 people. If you open your phone, and your Facebook friends list, you have people you can reach out to! This is just a BS lie you sold yourself so you can convince yourself later on that Network Marketing Doesn’t Work.

3. I am Not Good Enough-

This excuse is one that most people tell themselves. Most people have been programmed with low self esteem and self doubt my society and maybe their family background, and so they believe they are not worthy to succeed.

This excuse might look good on paper but truth is that its also an excuse. There were people who came from worse backgrounds than yours, but they still managed to be successful inside of Network Marketing. Handicapped people have succeeded inside of Network Marketing, so what is your own excuse? Someone out there has it worse than you and they will still succeed.


The only thing standing between you and what you want is the BS excuse you have been giving yourself as to why you cannot get it. (click to tweet)

If you got value from today’s Network Marketing training, feel free to comment, like and share. Which excuse have you had to deal with, either in yourself or in other people? Share in the comments!

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