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Network Marketing Training- Talking To Friends And FamilyAre you seriously scared about talking to your friends and family about your network marketing opportunity?

Maybe you feel that they will not accept what you have to say, or laugh at you, or you are bothered you would lose their friendship because you joined “one of those things”

If you feel this way, you can relax as this is quite common inside our industry. Some people even advocate NOT talking to friends and family until success is achieved. I don’t totally share this view anyways.

In todays Network Marketing training, I am going to show you a better way to approach your friends and family and also not lose your self respect in the process.

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Network Marketing Training-  How To Talk To Friends And Family

If you are totally convinced that what you have is the best thing on earth (Which you should) then you should talk to your friends and family. Most Network Marketers however come off as needy, and very desperate and this turns off most people.

Watch the network marketing training video I did below where I share how to talk to your friends and family and keep your self respect.

Did you watch this training video and can you see how easy it is to speak to your friends and family about your business? Its all about how you approach them without turning them off.

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