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Online MLM Tips- 3 ways to enter Facebook Jailif you are building your business online, then todays online MLM tips will help you, especially if you are building your business on social media.

A lot of Network Marketers on social media especially Facebook, go about building their businesses in the wrong way.

Spamming their links everywhere and posting in too many groups.

So after a while, Facebook got annoyed and simply began banning people from posting, which is what we call Facebook Jail.  Facebook Jail is when Facebook posts several limitations on your profile, such as you not being able to add any friends or post in groups, and the time varies.

I was once in Facebook jail for 2 weeks due to a mistake I will explain in todays video!
So if you want to avoid being put in Facebook Jail, I am sure you will get value from todays post!

How To Enter Facebook JAIL

If you’re in online MLM, chances are you might be carrying out these 3 actions which can land you in Facebook jail.

1.  Sending Too Many Messages To Strangers At Once:

Once people discover they can send messages to people, they begin to make this common online MLM mistake of sending messages with links to people who they do not know, or who have expressed no interest in your business.  What makes it worse, is most times, you are not even friends with the person you are spamming, nor do you have mutual friends.

If they are in a bad mood, they can mark you as spam.  Too much of that will attract Facebook’s attention and slam you in Facebook Jail. Learn to build relationships instead, and expose their pain, then offer your business as a solution.

Wanna know the other 2 online MLM mistakes to land you in Facebook Jail?  Watch the video below.

So did you get value from todays online MLM tips? Or did you just skim over?   If you did, please, like, comment and share with someone who might need to avoid some of these online MLM mistakes and not get put in Facebook jail.

To your success!


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