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One of the biggest pitfalls experienced by budding home based entrepreneurs is overcoming the negativity and skepticism experienced when trying to share your opportunity with others.
If you are not mentally prepared for this, you stand the risk of giving in to discouragement and dropping out.

Lets paint a scenario. You just signed up as a rep or distributor with a new company, and you charge into action and begin pitching your business to all and sundry. Immediately, you get hit with remarks like:

Is this a pyramid“?
My cousin James, tried one of these things and failed
Only the people who got in early make money
How much are you earning?
Convince me to join

And most newbies, and even some so called experienced hands fall prey to this. Now the key to handling comments like those above is called posture. Posture is your confidence and your belief in your opportunity. One of my mentors, Ray Higdon would say “Never give away your power”. You need to have the mindset that what you have is a valuable opportunity, and if they aren’t ready to embrace it, or see the vision, then maybe they aren’t right for your business. You also need to have an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset goes…”You know what? There are so so many people out there who need what I have to offer, and I’m going to find them”.

Now, with that in mind, lets give you some tips to handing the objections above, from a strong, postured mindset.

Is this a pyramid” – Response: *Roll your eyes* “Are you kidding?, I don’t do illegal pyramids…maybe this isn’t for you.”

“My cousin tried one of these and failed” -Response…”People who try stuff,don’t succeed….only people who DO!”

“How much are you earning” – Response – “That’s not important. What is important is that I have an opening on my team for people who are interested in making extra money. Are you interested or not?”

“Convince me to join” Response- Sorry we don’t convince people in (Insert name of your company here). Our opportunity speaks for itself.”

“Only people who got in early make money” – This is easy. There’s so many examples of people succeeding after joining a company three years after the company’s inception. Use one such example, then ask “Are you ready for this or not”?

Thats taking back your power and displaying leadership. DONT be afraid to walk away from any prospect you feel is wasting your time. You are a leader and your time is very valuable. I am not advocating arrogance, but if you sense people are trying to take away your power and rain on your parade, you need to handle it, right then and then.

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To your success!


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