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mlm-lessons-kiyosakiRobert T. Kiyosaki should need no introduction. His bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” pushed me onto the path to financial freedom that I am today.  That book is arguably the best selling financial book of all time.

So I watched a video recently where Robert Kiyosaki shared some Network Marketing lessons and so I decided to share some of the lessons with you!  He is a serious supporter of the Network Marketing profession, and wrote two books “Business Of The 21st Century”, and “Rich Dad’s business school for people who like helping people”. I suggest you read them as soon as possible, if you have not yet done so.  He also has a blog here.

So lets dive into some of the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing tips!

Assets Vs Liabilities

Rich Dad defines asset as something that will put money in your pocket while a liability takes away from your pocket. A network marketing business, built right, will put money in your pocket even when you are not working. So it makes sense to build one as an asset.

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The Cashflow Quadrant

There are four kinds of people financially. The E (Employee), The B(Business Owner) the S (Small business owner) and the I(investor). Most of us have been programmed from school to go to school and get a safe secure job, and end up in the E(Employee) quadrant. The B and the I can actually get a lot of benefits and pay lesser in taxes. People in the Small business and E quadrants cannot afford to stop working. This is where having a Network Marketing business is beneficial, because if you build it right, you can afford to stop working after a time.

network marketing tips from Robert KiyosakiThe business of the 21st century  ( A  MLM business) allows you to move from the E quadrant or S quadrant to the business quadrant. A network Marketing business allows you to learn the skills needed to build a B or I type business while still keeping your day job.

In the economy of the 21st century, the rules have changed. The days when we could go to school, get good grades, and get a safe secure job are over. You need to take control of your financial destiny and begin building an asset part time, such as a Network Marketing business.  If you give it five years, of dedication, learning the skills, and never giving up, you will gain serious skills that will serve you for the rest of your life, plus, you would have built an asset which will keep paying you over and over again, and can cancel out all your liabilities.

Robert shares some more wisdom on his blog.  Be sure to visit here!

If you enjoyed some of these Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Tips, do comment below and share your favorite lessons.

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