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top mlm companies in namibialooking for the top MLM companies in Namibia?

If the answer is a resounding “yes” then you’ve come to the right place.

Namibia is a beautiful country in the southwest part of Africa.

Here are some cool facts you might not know about Namibia:

  • Namibia is one of the youngest countries in Africa
  • Namibia is the 2nd least densely populated country in the world
  • Namibia also has the largest amount of free-roaming cheetahs in the world
  • Namibia is home to two very large deserts, the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert.
As a people, Namibians are hardworking and entrepreneurial.
Therefore, more Namibians are embracing MLM and Network Marketing as a way to financial freedom.
So I will list out what are (in my opinion) the top MLM companies in Namibia.

The 10 Top MLM Companies In Namibia

10. BF Suma

top mlm namibia bf suma

This is a Hong Kong company (Bright Future Group) with headquarters in Los Angeles USA.
BF Suma is now a leading global pharmaceutical and health products developer.,
Their products span health and wellness areas like anti-aging till fertility.

9.      Tiens

tiens top mlm in namibia

Founded in 1995, Tiens has grown to enormous proportions ALL around the world.
Their products range from household items to nutritional supplements. Tiens is making waves in Namibia.

8.     Aim Global

Aim Global is an MLM from the Philippines.
They have branches All Over the World, especially in Namibia.
Their range of health and wellness products have made them a household name.

7.     Oriflame


This Swedish MLM giant is not showing any signs of slowing down soon. As they have been expanding at a fast pace in Africa.
They have products ranging from cosmetics to skincare and nutrition.
Oriflame is fast becoming a favorite among Namibians.
Note: I didn’t see Namibia listed on their official website, BUT they have reps in Namibia.

6.     Jeunesse

jeunesse top mlm in namibia

This health and wellness MLM company from the USA has also expanded into Africa.
Their anti-aging products will definitely be a hit amongst Africans, especially in Namibia.

5.    World Ventures

worldventures top mlm in namibia

Worldventures is the #1 Travel MLM out there.
Their company has produced a lot of top income earners and are now expanding into Namibia.
This should be awesome for Namibians interested in Travel.

4.    Rain Seed

This is a health and wellness MLM company and their major products are seed-based.
They are experiencing serious momentum and growth.
And the Namibian market will accept their products.

3.   Longrich Bioscience

longrich top mlm namibia

Longrich is a Chinese-based wellness MLM.
Longrich has products ranging from personal care to skin care, and nutritional products.
They have an extensive Network in almost all African countries, especially in Namibia.

2.   Forever Living Products

top forever living products

Forever living is one of the most respected brands in the MLM industry.
Forever Living has spread worldwide.
Their range of aloe-based health products is now a household name in Namibia.

1. Trevo LLC

Founded by former MLM leaders, Mark, and Holli Stevens;
TREVO is making waves all over Africa and worldwide.
Their health and wellness product is called TREVO.
And it is a blend of 174 natural ingredients in one bottle.
They recently launched RP3 For Men, which is a natural men’s health supplement
TREVO offers a very lucrative compensation plan.
TREVO products have received acceptance, with powerful testimonies in Namibia.

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Conclusion: The 10 Top MLM Companies In Namibia

Namibia is a beautiful entrepreneurial country.

Many people in Namibia would love to experience financial freedom through Network Marketing.
If you live in Namibia and want to do Network Marketing, consider any of these top MLM companies in Namibia

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  2. Worldventures expands into Namibia and Zambia
  12. TREVO Online Presentation